Letter: Mayor went above, beyond promises

From: Rusty Richards


As a resident of Columbus, I am astounded by the accomplishments of the current resident of the mayor’s office, Kristen Brown. I don’t astound easily. And my astonishment of her is not restricted to her outstanding education, her experience in real world business, elimination of trash taxes, improved roads or unprecedented improvements in crime prevention.

I am absolutely dumbfounded how she has been able to get this all done while dealing with a City Council that has sought to block nearly every initiative she has tendered.

It was because she promised a refreshingly different approach to city government. She told us she would make City Hall and its processes transparent. She told us she would do away with the secretive corporation that was in place (we all know how that system worked). She promised us to rebuild infrastructure, reduce crime and take us back to a healthy place, financially.

Two-thirds of us voted for her, giving her a mandate for her agenda. The refreshing thing is that she actually went above and beyond her promises. Imagine that, a politician who actually did what she said she would do and more.

If collaboration is what her challenger for mayor wants, then he should have actually made at least one attempt at it in the past few years. What he really seems to mean is that he wants to collaborate with the good ol’ boys who want to do things the old way: debt, overspending and less than transparent use of taxpayer dollars.

And I ask myself, if Brown’s opponent was so concerned about Columbus, why is it that all he has done for the past few years has been to resist her initiatives and stall on votes? To my knowledge he has not brought one single initiative of his own to the table. There is no leadership in that kind of behavior, none.

Brown has done a great job and is running a good, clean, positive campaign. This voter will be voting for Mayor Kristen Brown.