Around Town – May 6

Orchids to …

• the awesome East students in the crowning of the king.

• Lacy Joslin for making the dean’s list in her college courses, from Grandma Linda.

• Central Heights Church of God for your prayers and the wonderful family dinner after Opal’s funeral, from the Parker family.

• Carolyn Piechorowski for helping me get my life back together.

• Debbie and Joey Kramer for the best fried chicken and friendly service.

• three very nice county deputies who helped me with my car at the mall.

• the nice young man walking on Fifth Street and the Columbus Fire Department for coming to my aid and removing a black snake from my vehicle Monday afternoon then relocating it.

• Doctors Dorenbusch and Miller, the surgical team and nursing staff on the third floor on CRH for taking such great care of our son when he had his appendix removed, from Claire.

• Lloyd and Susan Douglas.

• the manager on duty Monday evening at Texas Roadhouse for making my hamburger the best I’ve ever had, from Mrs. Coffey.

• David Pardieck for the tomato plants, from Bill Mitchell.

• Edinburgh woman bus driver who avoided a big accident on U.S. 31 on Monday.

Onions to …

• people who smoke in their cars with babies and children on board.

• the lady in the four-door sedan who leaves the sanctuary and makes an illegal left turn every time.

• the county for not repairing Railroad Street in Elizabethtown.

• The Republic for continuing to run stories on global warming when this theory has never been proven.

• the factory that lets its employees come and go as they please.

• creepy people who stalk kids at the prom instead of just letting them go and have fun.

• those who think that people who commit crimes should go to rehab instead of prison.

• the misguided who don’t understand that true conservatism is painful in a progressive town.

• the person who criticized how the prom students were dressed instead of recognizing how awesome the students are.

Happy Birthday to …

• Ray Caudill, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Uncle Coy Smith, from Pam, Lincoln, Gabby, Lucas, Codi, Kilyn, Kasey.

• Janice Baker, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Debbie Risinger, from Aunt Jean.

• Jason Wilson.

• Bridgett Hancock.

• Shaleigh Swick.

• Charles Littiken, from your family and friends.

• Kristina, from Denver.

• Rob Scott.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Pat and Mike Beatty, from the family and Ziggie’s.