Around Town – August 18

Orchids to …

• the city for replacing the light at U.S. 31 and Home Avenue.

• Columbus for being a welcoming city.

• Jeffrey Bush for all your help, and we appreciate you so much, from Uncle Rick and Aunt Donnella.

• the Columbus East girls basketball program for a terrific car wash as you are a group of hardworking girls on the court and off the court, and good luck in the coming season.

• Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department and Columbus Police Department for doing an excellent job of protecting the residents of Bartholomew County and the City of Columbus, from a concerned resident.

• Elaine DeClue for giving from your heart and helping get the feral cats spayed and neutered in Bartholomew County, from the mother of three feral cats, from Vickie Best.

• Melissa Lawson for watching Peetee while we were on vacation, from the Lowes.

• the police dispatcher who sent help to me so quickly when my car broke down, from a grateful person.

• Columbus General Baptist Church for an awesome service from the Rev. Larry Fields and dinner on Sunday.

• Laurel Walls Jr. and Frank Foley for the tomatoes.

• Bailey family for the awesome concert at the Bethel Baptist Church on Sunday, from Marie.

• the minister and congregation of Mt. Olive Methodist Church for all of the donations and prayers, from the Jaggers family.

• the warm Saturday smile of the grocery store patron that will be remembered and hopefully re-experienced.

• Janie Gordon and Shelby Bricker for the wonderful concert on Friday night, “The Courage to Climb” benefit, from the Perrys.

• Bartholomew County REMC for quickly restoring power after a squirrel blew out my transformer over the weekend, from Mary Beth Glick.

• Ron Borgman for the garden tomatoes, from Rita Garvey.

Onions to …

• the city for not installing a left-turn signal at U.S. 31 and Home Avenue to make the intersection a little safer for the many children who cross there every morning.

• Columbus for not being very friendly.

• county government for being the definition of dysfunction.

• retirement community management which degrades, mistreats and creates an overall undesirable environment.

• the person who complained about the lady with the nice purse using vouchers to get formula — who are you to judge? You don’t know her situation and that could very well be you someday.

• the man driving in front of Kroger while also talking on a cellphone and eating an ice cream sundae with a spoon.

• all the residents of Columbus and other cities in the United States that were on Facebook over the weekend giving their opinions on being or not being politically correct, when you had no idea what the original post was about.

• elected officials who post pictures that are demeaning and derogatory and do not represent the mentality of our city accurately.

• the segment of this town that tries so hard to convince everyone else that any random pile of metal or clump of rocks or concrete is art.

• those for wasting money on sculptures.

• the driver of the semi starting up and running long periods of time days and nights.

• those who oppose everything our mayor tries to accomplish.

• left-laners holding up traffic and police for not enforcing the new law.

• local newspaper which raised the price of the Sunday newspaper.

• our wonderful state of Indiana for the shortage on teachers, yet when my daughter graduated from college to be a teacher she couldn’t get a job here because of no experience.

• people who race go-karts thinking walkers, runners, joggers and bicyclists should not use the track.

• elected and appointed officials who need to grow up and represent yourself and our community with dignity.

• for people who cannot get off of their cellphones long enough for the deli clerks to wait on them, leaving others waiting longer than necessary.

• the lady who took clothing items and put them in a free box at a garage sale then stole them all.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jason Taylor.

• Gail Lawles, from Pam and grandchildren.

• Daddy, from Sawyer, Kellen and Sophia.

• Mandy Harvey, from Aunt Elsie.

• Tony Garrison, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Rachael Whittington.

• Andrew J. Spaatz.

• Tammy Fletcher.

• Kim Harris.

• Roudy Powell on No. 85, from Tony and Sandy Garryl, Kenny and families.

• Tammy Fletcher, from Jay and Brandon.

Belated Wishes to …

• Sis, Rhonda Banks, from Debbie Osborne.

• Asa Allman on No. 13, from Elsie.

• George Eppling Jr.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Hanz and Christy Wiedersatz, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Mary Jo and Michael Nentrup, from friends at the Moravian Church.