Letter: Reader sends thanks for cleanup at church

From: Sheryl Elston


This is a heartfelt thank-you letter to the Landmark Columbus group that organized the amazing cleanup at North Christian Church on Aug. 15. There were an amazing 50 to 60 volunteers who merged on the grounds of our church, transforming and reclaiming them after the damage that was done from our recent storm.

We as a congregation felt so supported by the effort and surprised by the overwhelming response. There were school kids in uniforms, T-shirts and cutoffs, community grandparents with their pickups, chainsaw masters, lots of pickups with extra trailers for hauling, weeding experts, arborists, leaf and stick haulers, and a few very patient team leaders. Nearby neighbors and people throughout our community who love architecture and landscape design came together out of an appreciation of this significant green space that is part of Dan Kiley’s renowned legacy.

Sometimes when the reality of “being church” gets hard, it is wonderful to know the community appreciates our efforts over the past 60 years to be a place where diversity is affirmed and celebrated as together we participate in God’s mission to heal the brokenness of creation and to foster justice, peace and community for the whole human family.