Letter: Debris along interstate poses hazard to drivers

From: Andy Denny


I am writing this letter because I am very concerned about the road safety on Interstate 65. Most of us are well aware of the road construction on I-65 and are tolerant to a degree. My big concern is the debris on the highway and on the shoulder that can become a projectile and penetrate windshields and other parts of an automobile. I-65 is truly ugly and dangerous for all of us.

I have two grown children who drive to Indianapolis two to three times a week for work. Last week my daughter blew a tire on the interstate, resulting in a 9-inch piece of rebar being removed from her tire. She traveled about 3 miles before she found a clean area to pull off. Because there is so much debris on the shoulder, it is unsafe to navigate.

Two weeks ago a friend of mine was on I-65 South at Southport and a piece of metal went through his grill. It was later determined that it was a part off a semi’s braking mechanism that was 10 inches in diameter. If that had gone through the windshield, he could have been killed, thus the projectile effect.

I encourage everyone to report objects on the highway and on the shoulder. Please note there is a telephone number (compliments of state Rep. Milo Smith, Columbus) you can call to get immediate action. The contact number for INDOT is 877-305-7611. (Push 0 to avoid the recording.) INDOT has to respond in 24 hours.

I would also encourage Gov Mike Pence to be proactive in making sure the stretch of highway from Columbus to Indianapolis becomes a safer environment for all of us. Being a Columbus resident and having friends and family in the community, I would think the last thing the governor would want is for someone to become injured or killed in an incident that could have been avoided by just being good housekeepers.