Letter: Planned Parenthood should be defunded

From: George Albers


Please Google Margaret Sanger and read some of her works, and you will understand why I believe the way I do.

Planned Parenthood is a not-for-profit corporation that somehow makes $100 million a year. This excess revenue is largely due to the fact that our federal government gives Planned Parenthood $528 million a year, or 41 percent of its revenue. The $100 million that it has at its discretion is then used to perpetuate a culture of death through a wonderfully conceived marketing plan.

That marketing plan includes equivalence of actions and alienation of the baby. I don’t care how many annual exams or Paps Planned Parenthood has done, that will never negate even one abortion that it has performed. A Pap and an abortion of a living human being will never be morally equivalent. So to argue for Planned Parenthood based on all the good it does is a fallacy. And isn’t it hypocritical that people are touting all the life-saving procedures Planned Parenthood is doing while ignoring all the life-ending procedures it is doing?

Over the years the chronic evil perpetuated by Planned Parenthood has been softened by its continued avoidance to call the baby anything but a baby — “it’s a reproductive right, it’s a choice,” etc. If you repeat a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. It’s much easier to abort a baby if it really isn’t one, right? Have we really reached the level of abortive acceptability that allows for babies to be killed for their parts? And if the baby really isn’t alive or isn’t human, then how could its body parts be used to help other humans?

Planned Parenthood should be defunded immediately. I find it hard to believe that our nation has become so morally corrupt that we are willing to accept and financially support such heinous acts as selling baby body parts. I don’t care if the clips of Planned Parenthood administrators bargaining for payment or describing what parts are the best money makers are edited. They show that this corporation at the very least is absolutely evil. Oh, and by the way, isn’t the selling of body parts illegal? Defund it now.