Letter: Rules should protect health of all residents

From: Terry Marbach


The population of Bartholomew County is approximately 80,000. The population of Columbus is approximately 46,000. The net 34,000 living in the county are subject to the vagaries of whatever rules are decided about CAFOs.

There were 623 farms in Bartholomew County in 2012 per the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The county’s elected officials, in their public remarks, seem to be much more concerned about helping the 623 have CAFOs than about helping the 34,000 have clean air and clean water. That should lead to some interesting voting at their next election cycle.

What irony there was in two articles on the Aug. 24 front page of The Republic. Four chickens in the city were a concern because of the health risk they may pose. However hundreds, if not thousands, of hogs or cattle may be allowed. Apparently hogs and cattle have significantly less health risk. Not!