Around Town – September 4

Orchids to …

• Columbus Area Arts Council for all the great downtown activities.

• The Republic sportswriters who consistently provide us with interesting articles about our local student-athletes.

• the gracious shopper at the eastside Walmart for voluntarily getting me a power chair, from a thankful shopper.

• the city council for demonstrating courage and genuine leadership.

• Marilyn Hayes for her well-written, factual letter about Planned Parenthood and its work, from Linda L. Kelsay.

• Kerry Carr for being so supportive and putting others’ needs above your own discomfort.

• Jennifer at J.C. Penney for caring about your customers’ needs and making shopping with you a pleasant experience, from your regular customer.

• Mayor Kristen Brown and Carl Malysz for all the work they have done to clean up neighborhoods and parks, add affordable housing and find funding for long-overdue environmental studies in areas suspected to be contaminated.

• Marilyn Hayes for her great letter regarding Planned Parenthood.

• the trio at Columbus Baptist Church this past Sunday — Paul Henderson, Ken Kennedy and Wayne Bell — for the awesome song, from C.B.

• Angela and Melinda and all the teachers at Clifty Creek Elementary who helped Ashlynn while she was a student there, from Doug and Ashlynn.

• the Eagles Lodge for an awesome breakfast, from John Tinkey.

• Marilyn Hayes for her letter explaining the truth about the essential services provided by Planned Parenthood and the truth about the Center for Medical Progress.

• the city council for listening to four hours of stories of discrimination against the LGBT community and for having the political courage to do the right thing, from Bob.

• the driver of the white car on Second Street for skillfully avoiding a collision when I blindly cut them off, from the lady in the red Toyota.

• Centerstone for making a positive difference in many lives on a daily basis; you truly are unsung heroes.

Onions to …

• people who have forgotten that if you don’t get judged here, you’ll get judged in the hereafter.

• teachers who blow whistles inside a crowded school cafeteria scaring the kids, from a parent.

• my husband for acting more like a dictator than a partner.

• those spending time on all the artwork when they should just plant some flowers or a real tree.

• the grocery that ties almost all sale items to purchase of five, which is not good for singles or elderly people.

Happy Birthday to …

• Buck Jones on No. 81, from the McDonald’s Breakfast Club.

• Allison Nicole Brown on No. 4, from Mom, Dad, Jackson, Grandma and Grandpa B., Trent, Great-Grandma and Grandpa Long and all the family

• Michael George, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Robert Blackford, from your co-workers.

• Hannah Grimes on No. 14, from Nana and Paw Paw.

• Jerry Shafer, from Zoe and Sophie Shafer.

• Allen Simmons, from Courtney, Jaylen and all the family.

• Cheryl Williams, from Pam, Kenny, Brenda, Debbie, Terry, Tim, Joe and Deb, Heather, Josh, Parker, Mikayla, Beth, Dr. Tim, Luke, Katie, Byron and family.

• Vickie Girt, from Ben and your family.

• Donita Meredith, from Jean Patrick.

• Jay McNicholas.

• Matthew Robertson.

• Hector Ramirez Sr., from your family.

• Lukas Schaefer on No. 8, from all the Schaefer family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Annie on No. 50, from Joey.

• Rita and Ron Wheeler from your family, Bonnie and Donna.

Belated Wishes to …

• Don and Lorraine Gates, from your family.

• Vince and Lisa Green–Akers, from your family, friends and Donna.

• Sue and Bud Kincaid, from your family, friends, card club and Donna.

• Julie and Dave Toschlog, from your family and Donna.

• Kyle and Nina Stevens, from your family and Donna.