Around Town – September 5

Orchids to …

• Marilyn Hayes for championing the truth about Planned Parenthood and exposing the lies of their detractors, from a fellow citizen who agrees.

• Gerri at the Hospice gift shop for exchanging my shirt twice, from Sandy.

• Jack Nolting for faithfully returning our trash cans to the front of our garage doors every Thursday, from Mary.

• Sandra Nolting for her assistance to all the neighbors when needed, from Mary.

• the person who bought my breakfast Thursday morning at McDonald’s in Edinburgh, from Joyce.

• the four men working on Washington Street at 12:30 p.m. Thursday for stopping work and taking your hard hats off to pay respect as a funeral procession was going by, from the Buckler family.

• Dr. Andrea Mernitz for her constant care, compassion and great sense of humor throughout the years, from a grateful patient.

• the firefighters at Station 1 who fixed my flat tire Monday morning, from Kristal.

• Nita Evans for the chicken and for always being such a great neighbor.

• Marilyn Hayes for her letter explaining the truth about the essential services provided by Planned Parenthood and the truth about the Center for Medical Progress.

• Becky Davis of Columbus Baptist Church for sending prayer requests to the congregation.

• Becky Davis for sending bulletins to the shut-ins at Columbus Baptist Church.

• Judy and John Lemley for the delicious lunch, from the crew.

• Mark Webber for the well-written articles about county finances, from Judge Stephen Heimann.

• Noel Taylor for his spot-on letter to the editor about unintended consequences.

• two women and a manager at Marsh for helping me when I fell.

Onions to …

• the city for voting in favor of a totally unnecessary civil rights amendment, increasing division within the community and further restricting the rights of Christians.

• people who own chickens and to people who complain about people who own chickens.

• all the liberal judges we have in our judicial system.

• colleges that push for students to take out massive student loans to earn degrees that lead to no jobs.

• the group that seems to do the least it can get away with and yet demand more and more money.

• an A-rated community such as Columbus for always seeming to have B-rated performers.

• people who once again are caught worshiping their gods of diversity and tolerance.

• those who can’t comprehend the Pandora’s Box that just got opened with the protected-class ordinance.

• local government leaders for taking money from people on Social Security just because they are running out of money.

• the new city ordinance that only opens up animosity and division to a greater degree.

• the person who overuses the word “awesome.”

• the husband who drives like a maniac and the police who never pull him over.

• myself for taking my wife for granted.

• The Republic for printing such an awful letter from an obviously disturbed individual.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kay Taylor, from friends and family.

• Mike Teltoe, from the Teltoe family.

• Taisha McQueen, from friends and family.

• Abraham Wisler, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Leslie Sims.

• Jesse Lopez Jr.

• Allison Ashbrook.

• Hector Ramirez Jr., from your family.

• Louise Greenlee, from Danny, Kelli, Rylee, Lexie and Kloey.

• Brenda Sullivan, from Fab 4 Florida Girlfriends.

• Ferrell Jones, from Betty, Nevy, Chris, Becky and all of the family.

• Heather McGaha, from Grandma and Tamara.

Belated Wishes to …

• Linda Bladen, from Trish.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Charlie and Taryn Tyree, from Grandma Hege.

• Jodi Wright on No. 45, from John Wright.

ANOTHER beautiful morning