50 photos earn honors in Republic photo contest

Fifty photographs by local professional or amateur photographers earned recognition in The Republic’s “Oh Snap” Take Your Best Shot photo contest. Winners were announced Thursday during a reception at Hotel Indigo. They are included, along with 37 others, in a photo book that is available for sale.


Local Landmark

First: Rhonda Bolner, reflection of Bartholomew County Courthouse in City Hall façade.

Second: Joshua Westbrook, Mill Race Park tower.

Third: Dan Wallace, cross at First Christian Church framing Large Arch sculpture.

Honorable mention: Matt Hunter, foggy day at Mill Race covered bridge.

Honorable mention: Nipun Khanna, looking skyward from Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans.

Honorable mention: Kevin Bell, Seymour Manufacturing building during the evening.


First: Brandon Green, soybean harvest in northwestern Bartholomew County.

Second: Matt Hunter, Brown County State Park during winter.

Third: Timothy Ostrander, early morning at Muscatatuck Wildlife Preserve.

Honorable mention: Mike Briner, curvy road in Brown County during autumn.

Honorable mention: Louis Joyner, on the road near Enochsburg.

Honorable mention:  Philip Hales, Muscatatuck Park in North Vernon.


First: Ralph Cooley, sandhill cranes taking flight in Jennings County.

Second: Matt Hunter, high water during springtime at Mill Race Park.

Third: Mike Briner, red fox on the hunt during snowy day in Jennings County.

Honorable mention: Nowelle Ledebuhr, dense fog on East Legal Tender Road.

Honorable mention: Amy Chandler, red-shouldered hawk at Columbus Municipal Airport.

Honorable mention: Warren Whaley, Harrison Lake butterflies in July.


First: Rhonda Bolner, people milling behind a hot-air balloon at 2014 Aviation Day.

Second: Tami Mohs, boys entertaining themselves with fireworks.

Third: Allison Richardson, portrait of Jason Casey in Blackwell Park.

Honorable mention: Marlene Miller, child enjoying amusement ride at Bartholomew County 4-H Fair.

Honorable mention: Elizabeth Keyes, child jumps through sprinkler in Jackson County.

Honorable mention: Amanda Sharpe, newborn Lila strikes a pose.

Sports & Leisure

First: Karly Lawson, children enjoying the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair.

Second: Nowelle Ledebuhr, hockey practice at Hamilton Ice Arena

Third: Cindy Mason, pole vaulter during regional competition.

Honorable mention: Amanda Sharpe, figure skater performing at Hamilton Center Ice Arena.

Honorable mention: Karly Lawson, sledding at Mill Race Park.



First: Mallory Mays, late fall sunset.

Second: Kimberly Carothers, rainbow over southeastern Bartholomew County cornfield.

Third: Adrienne Salemme, sunset at Lake Santee in Greensburg.

Honorable mention: Sabrina Crow, Mill Race Park passageway.

Local Landmark

First: Hannah Frey, Large Arch at the Bartholomew County Public Library.

Second: Katie Emmert, old schoolhouse on County Road 500E in northeast Columbus.

Third: Austin Lewis, evening timed exposure on Robert N. Stewart Bridge.

Honorable mention: Rachel Stull, Columbus East High School façade.

Honorable mention: Casey Weisner, Crump Theatre marquee.

Honorable mention: Kaitlyn Carothers, Mill Race Park passageway.


First: Casey Weisner, drop of water clinging to a leaf.

Second: Mahi Kotia, springtime blossoms in Columbus.

Third: Ella Rohlfs, backyard greenery.

Honorable mention: Rachel Stull, blooming flower at Wildwood Apartments.

Honorable mention: Hannah Sigman, drops of water on leaves at Columbus East High School.

Honorable mention: Kimberly Carothers, cat peeks out of soybean field.

People, Sports & Leisure

First: Hannah Frey, child enjoying Freedom Park.

Second: Kaitlyn Carothers, sister bundled up on a snow day.

Third: Jacob Mohs, swimming underwater in backyard.

Honorable mention: Cassidy May, CrossFit athlete Nicole Holcomb.

Honorable mention: Chloe Kruger, twin sister with rabbit at Elizabethtown home.


Selected from among all first-place winners: Rhonda Bolner, reflection of Bartholomew County Courthouse in City Hall façade.

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The Republic’s “Oh Snap” Take Your Best Shot contest was open to local professional and amateur photographers. Rules required that the photos were taken within the past few years and be from Bartholomew and surrounding counties.


$50 for each first-place photo; $100 for Best of Show winner; three places plus honorable mentions given in nine categories.


Andrew Laker, chief photographer for The Republic; April Knox and Adam Reynolds, local professional photographers.


Photo contest participants were able to enter without paying entry fees, thanks to participating sponsors. The contest was sponsored by Boyer Machine and Tool, Hilliard Lyons and Renner Motors, and presented by Columbus Museum of Art & Design with The Republic.

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Winning photographs in The Republic’s “Oh Snap!” Take Your Best Shot photography contest, as well as others submitted among 850 entries, will be on display for the public to peruse at Hotel Indigo, 400 Brown St., and The Commons, 300 Washington St., through Saturday.

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First-, second- and third-place winners, along with honorable mentions, are among 87 photos included in a full-color, 8½-by-11-inch coffee table-style book, which is for sale at The Republic’s public-service counter, 333 Second St., weekdays from 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The book has 104 pages and can be purchased for $14.95.