City seeking pair of holiday trees

The city of Columbus is looking for two special trees to help celebrate the 2015 holiday season.

City officials plan to place one tree at the entrance to City Hall for the annual tree-lighting ceremony and another in The Commons to serve as the focal point for holiday celebrations there.

Families who choose to donate trees are encouraged to share the tree’s history with the public. Those families will get to choose who lights the trees at the holiday kickoff celebration.

Requirements for a donated tree include:

  • No more than 20 feet for City Hall, and no more than 15 feet for The Commons
  • A pyramid shape, with extra fullness at the bottom
  • Few or no holes in the body
  • Not growing into a house or other trees
  • At least a 10-foot clearance to access the tree, with no power lines growing in it
  • No other obstacles, such as buildings, preventing access.

For more information about the tree donation process, contact Bryan Burton, Columbus manager of garage operations, at 812-376-2508.