Around Town – September 18

Orchids to …

• Laura DeDomenic for exhibiting leadership during the budget crisis and offering common sense solutions.

• the three men who pushed my car off of U.S. 31 into Kroger parking lot Tuesday, from Cyndi Brown.

• Chuck Doup for having the courage to say what a lot more than 5 percent of the residents of Columbus feel.

• Margaret for being my best friend and always there when I need you, from Maxine.

• Tim and Kelly Waggoner for taking me to the hospital ER on Wednesday morning, from Granny and Pappy.

• nurse Kelly Music at Central Middle School for being so compassionate to the students.

• Bartholomew Co. Extension Service for the awesome service, from John Tinkey.

• the man who pays child support on his children until they are 25 years old.

• my friends at Willow Crossing for washing my windows Sunday.

• David and Glenda Vogel for being so kind and visiting with me.

• Barry Czachura and Mike Burchyett for the wonderful job they did on my garage while working in the hot sun, from Norma Gentry.

• Fishers Flower Basket for the lovely flowers on my birthday, from Donna.

Onions to …

• the council for unwittingly kicking open Pandora’s Box.

• anyone who fails to realize that heavily edited video might not show a true event.

• the police officer who made me go from feeling like a good citizen to a suspect; maybe I shouldn’t have called.

• the elected official who said county employees should be paying private sector level health insurance deductibles even though county employees salaries are lower than the private sector level.

• politicians for making it more difficult for diabetics to obtain their insulin.

• the local newspaper for catering to any liberal viewpoint.

• all drug dealers, especially those who have done it for many years, because they need to be behind bars.

• those for raising gas prices more than 30 cents, because you should be fined by the attorney general.

• people who always volunteer to help out on special occasions, but then either don’t show up or buy the cheapest items just so they can receive recognition.

• the council that spends time and money to work on new policies but doesn’t enforce the policies it already has.

• those who want to raise the minimum wage to help teenagers, when higher education will help more.

• men who do not pay child support on their children.

• the community that brags about being so welcoming and yet is so unfriendly.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sherri Cheek

• Nancy Conner, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Larry Thayer.

• Rachael Thayer.

• Elizabeth Wright on No. 16, from Mommy, Jay and Jaycee.

• Kenneth Jaggers, from Paul and Patsy.

• Becky Miller, from Nana and your family.

• Debbie Christian, from all your family.

• Rayden Mason on No. 7, from Grandma and Grandpa.

• Zoe Wicker on No. 8, from Tina and Mark.

• Al Scheller, from Ginny

• Colton Chilton on No. 4, from MaMaw Sue, Uncle Tim, Mommy, Daddy, Hunter, Bethany, Kyle, Craig, Crystal, Paige and Kenzee.

• Thomas Hunter, from Mom, Dad and Jordan Hunter.

• Rayden Mason, from Mom and Dad.

Belated Wishes to …

• Trent Harper, from Bridgette, Kris, Carmen, Chantal, Roxy and Pat Benatar.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Megan and Mark Wray, from Pat and Mike.

ANOTHER beautiful morning