Hard work of stakeholders makes Hope Heritage Days huge success

The 48th Hope Heritage Days kicks off today and runs through Sunday. The event features live music, crafts, food, fireworks and demonstrations, and a parade on the final day is one of the biggest highlights.

It’s the county’s oldest and largest multi-day festival and is so popular that it attracts about 30,000 people.

That success, though, doesn’t come without hard work by a lot of stakeholders, such as residents, vendors and local organizations.

In fact, you could aptly describe the community as a whole as having an “all-in” attitude toward Hope Heritage Days. Its success is born of true sweat equity.


Many of the town’s 2,100 residents pitch in, and some even schedule vacation time the week leading up to the festival to get ready.

More than 120 craft vendors set up booths.

About two dozen non-profit food vendors participate.

Residents and other stakeholders have good reason to help and make the festival a success. The money made goes to local nonprofit organizations. Event proceeds last year totaled about $150,000. A slice of that pie goes a long way to covering a nonprofit’s needs for a year.

Those who attend Hope Heritage Days should appreciate the effort that goes into the event by its residents. For decades, they’ve volunteered many hours to show visitors what’s great about the small town.

The longevity of the event and number of repeat visitors suggest that stakeholders have displayed Hope’s charm quite well and made Hope Heritage Days a community gem.

Those efforts are to be commended because they exemplify a great level of care for and from the Hope community. In the process, a unique event with great appeal has made lasting connections with many people.