Around Town – October 2

Orchids to …

• all the amazing volunteers who brought their vehicles to Touch-A-Truck, helped the children on and off and allowed them to climb on, touch, honk horns, ride on and experience something very special, from Family School Partners.

• young aids at Miller’s Merry Manor for making my extended stay as fun as possible and the great care, from Brent Smith.

• the special ladies who brought food and helped us serve lunch to all our vehicle volunteers, from Family School Partners.

• Dick Butler of Butler Appliance and his installers, David and Skyler, for their attention to detail in the installation of new built-in ovens into existing cabinet space and for their commitment to customer satisfaction.

• Molly who remains so calm, cool and collected when you sing in front of hundreds of people and I am very proud of you, from Dad.

• Bill Kendall for the well-written letter on Sept. 30.

• Dr. Robert Woodruff for coming into the office on your day off to diagnose a potentially serious problem.

• all of our kind and understanding neighbors on Hunter Place who repeatedly help catch our unruly puppy.

• our friends, Ryan, Sherri and Rhonda for inviting us to their annual delicious fish and turtle fry, from Betty and J.D.

• the letter writers Sheila Richerson and Bill Kendall, for which 98 percent of the population agrees, from Thom Jester.

• Perry Pools of Seymour for an A+ job as Brian and Billy were professional in all aspects of the job at hand and I highly recommend Perry Pools.

• Bill Kendall for his excellent letter in the paper.

• Donald Trapp for putting water in my bird bath at Four Seasons, from Mary Fenske.

• the very nice woman in Hope on Wednesday who helped me carry my groceries to the car.

• Jeff Stewig for bringing me his newspaper, from Margie Peach.

• my grandson Michael for taking time off work and coming to visit me at Willow Crossing, from Grandma.

• all my friends, from Mary Ann.

Onions to …

• the guy whose only adjective in his vocabulary is awesome.

• anyone who offers to trade their pets on the Columbus pets site just to get a new one a week later and to anyone who ties up their dog outside all day. Pets are family, so treat them that way or don’t have them.

• the newspaper for going to bat for higher taxes and protecting the commissioners but blasting the council.

• people who just love to hear themselves talk when others just wish they would stop.

• county officials for being secretive with the health care bidding process.

• those who demonstrate road rage upon others because they overslept.

• those who think more taxes are the answer to overspending.

• the teenage boys driving in the black SUV on 46 West heading out of town at 5:50 p.m. Wednesday evening, swerving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed and then punching each other causing the driver to jerk the steering wheel back and forth multiple times in a very congested area.

• the person who left the baby at the North Vernon church last Thursday.

• gas price gouging with prices back up by 26 cents to 76 cents per gallon.

• members of a year-long study committee whose majority report recommendations didn’t attract more than 2 percent (1 in 50) of the preferences expressed at a public open house.

• the coach for overreacting and disappointing the entire team and their parents, from disappointed parents.

• those for not remembering my birthday yet remembering others.

• those for turning Columbus into a tourist trap.

• those thinking of removing or changing me, my television or Channel 23.

Happy Birthday to …

• Gunrawee Navamark, from your co-workers, Nicole and Donna.

• Ron Goss, from your family, Gunny, Rita, Bonnie and Donna.

• Dianne Huffman, from your family, George and Donna.

• Treva Edwards, from your family, Bonnie and Donna.

• Gabby Elkins on No. 11, from Grandma Pam , Lincoln, Carmyn and Lucas.

• Mason Dean.

• Carol Gardner.

• Elijah Phares.

• my brother Jeff, from Joe.

• Randall Champion, from Mom and Tom.

• Jack Greene, from Tom and Judy.

• our brother, Joseph Brockman, from your family and friends.

Belated Wishes to …

• Alaney Parker, from Mrs. Erickson.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Elgin and Mindy Kupferer on No. 5, from Jennifer and Linda.

• John and Ruth Wilson.