Police continue search for mother of abandoned newborn

NORTH VERNON — Police are continuing a search for the mother of a newborn infant who was found near trash cans at Christ’s Way Christian Church last week.

North Vernon Police Department had issued a plea for the mother to immediately seek medical care because the baby has been diagnosed with an infection that was contracted during the birth and that presents life-threatening consequences for the mother if not treated.

The 8-pound, nearly full-term Caucasian baby boy, dubbed Baby Boy Doe by investigators, is in stable condition, police said. Last week, police reported the baby had been taken to Columbus Regional Hospital for treatment of the infection.

Police believe the infant boy was born the morning of Sept. 24 after an extended natural childbirth and was only about 12 hours old when he was found at 5:15 p.m. wrapped in coats near the trash cans, his umbilical cord still attached.

He was found by the church pastor’s wife, Angeline Denney, who was at the church for a youth group event and heard the baby crying. The church is at 2425 N. State Road 3.

The infant is now a ward of the state and could be put into foster care and available for adoption if the biological parents are not located, police said.

To provide information or identify anyone who might be involved with the infant, call the North Vernon Police Department at 812-346-1466 or the department’s central dispatch at 812-346-2345 or 812-346-5111.

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The North Vernon Police Department is directing people to resources about the Indiana Safe Haven Law for a list of well-staffed and safe locations to surrender a newborn. To learn more, visit the Indiana Department of Child Services website at in.gov/dcs.

For more information about North Vernon Police Department, visit nvpd.org.