Around Town – October 24

Orchids to …

• Bobby Woodall for your letter speaking the truth about gun control from someone who thinks the same.

• the man who drove the blue Dodge for pulling over to change my tire, because it was very much appreciated.

• Pastor Marvin Brown at Trinity Baptist Church for a great message last Sunday for out-of-state visitors Jack Roberts and Margaret Roe.

• Dr. Natalie Olinger’s staff for repairing my glasses so promptly from an appreciative patient.

• Mayor Brown and the City Garage for the new sidewalks.

• the dedicated and hardworking pharmacy staff at the hospital as we celebrate National Health Systems Pharmacy Week, from pharmacy leaders.

• Kevin Fox for bringing me the two boxes of books, from Thelma.

• the paint lady at Gillman’s Home Center for making our brown paint the right color, from Dorothy Smoot.

• Mom and Pappy Fleetwood for helping me before surgery, you are the best parents a girl could ask for, Kelly Waggoner.

• all who attended, donated and worked at the Taylorsville United Methodist chicken noodle dinner and country store, from Kay Metz.

• Taylor of Kohl’s department store for helping me shop Monday because it was very much appreciated, from Mary.

• Four Seasons Retirement Center for the wonderful ’60s style show on Wednesday, bringing back many wonderful memories.

• a special young lady who paid for my husband and my pedicures at Tina’s last Monday, from Sarah.

• Shiloh Baptist Church for being so supportive during our time of need, from the Cooper family.

Onions to …

• The Republic for refusing to print my onion.

• anyone who failed mathematics and believes that less equals more.

• the person who doesn’t realize that in this “me generation” doing the courteous thing stopped about 20 years ago.

• the person behind me who doesn’t understand from their vantage point they might not have seen danger that stopped me from turning right on red.

• The Republic for posting the same Orchid two days in a row.

• those who don’t realize that restaurants with recently added all-day breakfast have limited items after regular breakfast hours.

• liberals and moderates who have taken this county to the far, far left.

• the uninformed writer who doesn’t understand that the Social Security system was originally created as a social safety net, not as a primary means to support people during their retirement.

• the county for still not having fixed the gaping hole in County Road 670E, just north of St. Louis Crossing.

• The Republic for the light green ink on the sports page, which is really hard to see.

Happy Birthday to …

• Alice Faye Gross, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• George DeLay, from Ruth, Bryant, Gerry, Judi and Donna.

• Bev Gray-Sellers, from John, your family and friends.

• Harold Schafstall from Amy, Brian, Haylee, Jacob, Megan, Paul and Tayler.

• John Johnson, from Pat, Mike and Grandma Lily.

• Bryson Fletcher, from Mimi and Paw Paw Fletcher.

• Harold W. Daily, from Babs and Don.

• Sandra Dosterglick and Martha Sebastian, from Joseph Hart Chape DAR.

• Martha Ann Sebastian, from Dot and Mae.

• Dale Goddard, from your wife Judy, children Penny, Jeff, Scott, Brad and grandchildren.

• Mark Beatty, from Mom.

• my dear granddaughter, Michelle Clark, from your grandmother Ada.

• Margaret Clark, from Roger, Nancy, Randy, Debbie, Rhonda, Rick, Roxena and Kevin.

• Betty Ellercamp, from Janetta.

Belated Wishes to …

• Macy Coers, from Aunt Teresa, Uncle Craig and Natasha.