Letter: Whipker honest, committed to what’s best for city

From: David Mann


Historically, Columbus has had a tradition of having quality candidates seek election to hold public office, and this year is no different. It’s hard to live in a city such as ours and not personally know the candidates, and I’m proud to say that I know the majority of them and consider them friends. While I wish them all well, there’s one that I know very well and who deserves another term. I am speaking of Kenny Whipker.

As a law enforcement officer, you acquire an ability through your training and experience to assess people and situations. In my nearly 40 years of knowing Kenny, I have learned a few things about him.

I have learned of his honesty. Kenny is honest, sometimes brutally so. Nationwide, many political leaders, when faced with an issue, have been accused of playing both sides by telling voters what the voters want to hear, even if they have no intentions of acting in concert with their statements. When in similar situations, I’ve observed Kenny listen to his constituents’ thoughts, combine them with his knowledge of the situation and when necessary seek further information. Ultimately, he will inform them what he believes is the best option and how he plans on addressing the issue even if it is not what matches that specific person’s thoughts. You can rest assured that when he arrives at the council desk that he will vote in the manner he has discussed with those who have approached him.

I also know that Kenny truly wants to do what is best for our city. His commitment to Columbus has been demonstrated by his involvement in a wide variety of community boards and groups over his many years of service. It know that it bothers him to see individuals who are struggling to make a go of it, especially if the odds are stacked against them. Make no mistake, Kenny is a law enforcement officer at heart, and he expects people to follow the rules; but at the same time, he is an ardent supporter and volunteer to organizations that work to support those working against a disadvantage, whether it be domestic violence, economic status, prior narcotic use or similar in an effort to make their lives more fulfilling.

The bottom line is that as Americans we have that wonderful opportunity, if not an obligation, to select those who will lead our cities, states and country. I hope that you vote during this election to show your support for all of the candidates who have stepped up and placed their name on the line, and when you do please consider that good work that Kenny Whipker has done for the community, and who deserves the opportunity to continue serving you.