Halloween costume winners announced

Staff Reports

The Columbus Parks and Recreation Department had its annual Halloween costume contest on Sunday at Donner Center. The contest had two divisions, one for ages 0 to 6 and one for ages 7 to 12.

0 to 6 years old

Scariest: First, Kinsley Tuck, 3; Second, Marceline Drucker, 10 months; third, Kavya Gahlat, 3.Funniest: First, Prathyum Ganesh, 5; second, Marie (3), Kaila (2) and Maruu Smith (8 months); third, Dayvin Phelps, 1.Prettiest: First, Emma Jones, 3; second, Alexa Young, 4; third, Klaire Bevis, 3.

Most original: First, Ecro Haywood, 3; second, Asher Stidam, 6; third, Dawson Payne, 3.

Most adorable: First, Javier Smith, 4; second, Pippa Haywood, 1; third, Kenley Stanfield, 3.

Best animated: First, Grant Mitchell (9 months), Taiytum Sharpe (1), Reggie Thoman (5), Willa Sharpe (4), Chloe Miller (2); second, Lukas (6), Eli (4) and Oliver Hoffman (1); third, Lolah Polynice-Castro, 6.

Best in contest: Colby Payne, 5.

7 to 12 years old

Scariest: First, Ivyawnna Phelps, 7.Funniest: First, Lilla Stidam, 11.Prettiest: First, Aubrey Young, 9.

Most original: First, Ryan Staley, 11.

Most creative: First, Exzabril Phelps, 11.

Best in contest: First, Dezyrae Sharpe, 10, Christian Miller, 9, Delaney Miller, 8, Myra Sharpe, 7, and Kyleigh Dover, 7.