Marriage License Applications 11-01-15

Bartholomew County Courthouse, pictured Monday, Aug. 24, 2015.

Marriage License Applications

Jesus G. Reyes Romero, 45, Maple Street, and Ana Rosa Aguilar Castillo, 37, Maple Street.

Matthew David Hall, 28, Forest Drive, and Lizeth Guadalupe Ramirez, 27, 17th Street.

Daniel Ray Skinner, 25, 25th Street, and Jhennifer Sue Renee Moraleja, 23, 25th Street.

Christopher Ojeda, 19, Perry Drive, and Victoria Lewis, 20, Perry Drive.

Steve Howard Smith, 53, Wandering Way, Audrey Deann Taylor, 47, Wandering Way.

Emily Grace Spalding, 25, County Road 100E, and Robert Joseph Mixner, 34, Pearl Street.

Daniel James Wint, 23, Scipio, and Mackenzie Michelle Allman, 24, Elizabethtown.

Bryan Kevin Barwick, 50, Indiana Avenue, and Christi Ann Huddleston, 51, Indiana Avenue.

Adam Scott Rediker, 25, Nugent Boulevard, and Kathryn Rose Shaffer, 23, Jolinda Drive.

Jamie Dale Brown, 32, Hope, and Kenya Jean Artis, 24, Hope.

Matthew Christopher Johnson, 35, Nineveh, and Melissa Sue Hill, 27, County Road 150W.

Melissa Frecker, 26, Marion, and Nicholas Welch, 27, Fox Trail Lane.

Elizabeth Medina, 28, Conestoga Trail, and Christopher Harper, 25, Conestoga Trail.

Arthur Edward Bohner, 43, California Street, and Lilly Marguaret Blair, 29, California Street.

Lisa E. Noblitt, 39, Wallace Avenue, and Dustin Toby Bennett, 41, Wallace Avenue.

Zane William Jensen, 25, Lafayette Avenue, and Katherine Emma Hull, 25, Lafayette Avenue.

Rebecca Joye Willison, 34, Beech Drive, and Steven Patrick Teverbaugh, 36, Greensburg.

Jacob A. Hazelgrove, 31, Shadow Bend Drive, and Thao Jenny Nguyen, 23, Parkview Drive.

Bethany Scruton, 27, Maple Street, and Trenton Hillenburg, 32, Maple Street.

Steven L. King, 62, Shagbark Court, and Mary Barbara A. Ream, 55, Hope.

Brian L. Scholbrock, 46, Grandview Drive, and Yi-Ching Li, 34, Grandview Drive.

Carl Robert Morris, 50, Westridge Drive, and Lynette Rae Grimes, 54, Westridge Drive.

Lowen Dale Anderson Jr., 19, Elliott Street, and Geanna Denise Hall, 19, Elliott Street.

Robert Emmett Coughlin III, 25, Cold Stream Court, and Stephanie Ryan Bishop, 25, Cold Stream Court.

Danielle Marie Bowers, 26, Sycamore Street, and David Clayton Richardson, 29, Sycamore Street.

Terry Randall Douglas, 32, California Street, and Kendra Dawn Smith, 27, California Street.

Shane C. Bowling, 46, Grove Parkway, and Dana K. Fisher, 44, Beechtree Drive.

Karly Ann Marie Lawson, 35, Chestnut Street, and Matthew Bryan Hunter, 39, Chestnut Street.

Cody E. McCloud, 39, Elizabeth Street, and Lisa A. Thompson, 47, Elizabeth Street.

James Seymour Pell, 50, Woodland Parkway, and Siow Fang Tan, 45, Woodland Parkway.

Thomas Dale Hobbs Jr., 39, Edinburgh, and Lanette Shay Hobbs, 35, Edinburgh.

Blake Andrew Trobaugh, 27, 11th Street, and Natalie Christine Fiorini, 27, 11th Street.

Daniel Lee Hall, 47, Taylorsville, and Dawn Michelle Martin, 42, Taylorsville.

Jeffrey Scott Fivecoat, 47, Timbercrest Drive, and Misti Michelle King, 40, Wallace Avenue.

Lisa Ann King, 28, Crothersville, and Matthew David Miller, 29, Hartsville.

Justin Adam Perkins, 30, Lockerbie Drive, and Kara Kristine Epperson, 25, Lockerbie Drive.

William Howard Staggs, 37, Hope, and Tammi Jo Commuso, 46, Milroy.

Joseph Lee Pratt, 27, Willa Way, and Tammy Nicole McIntosh, 21, Willa Way.

Brandon L. Golden, 30, Hartsville, and Brittany D. Wetherald, 29, Hartsville.

Michael Anthony Coleman, 48, Columbus, and Tiffany Jo Dailey, 41, Columbus.

Jason Scott Barwick, 29, Candlelight Drive, and Tina Lynn Smith, 43, Candlelight Drive.

Katelyn Jo Heighway, 26, Portland, Tennessee, and Daniel Patrick Elliott, 24, Hope.

Jeremiah Alan Powers, 25, 31st Street, and Leonie Alexandre Sorrels, 30, 31st Street.

Philip Michael Dimpelfeld, 58, Grant Court, and Judy M. Stanley, 58, Catalpa Way.

Michael Lin Collett, 32, North Vernon, and M. Aline Browning, 53, California Street.

Robert Ray Dingess, 41, County Road 150W, and Laura Ashley Geilker, 32, County Road 150W.

Gethin Duvalle Thomas, 51, Somerset Lane, and Candace Lynn Clayburn, 46, Somerset Lane.

Ashley Rikki Rochelle Shuffitt, 20, Reed Street, and Antonio Azavier Phillips, 19, Reed Street.

Grace Marie Scott, 27, Gemstone Drive, and Aaron Michael Knox, 27, Lafayette.

Danny Dale Piper Jr., 30, Washington Street, and Tara Mary McBride, 29, Washington Street.

Isaac Luis Shafer, 21, 27th Place, and Elizabeth Joan Schoettmer, 20, 27th Place.

Kenneth Eugene Coy, 45, North Marr Road, and Cindy Jo Shuler, 54, North Marr Road.

Agustin Ramirez, 32, South National Road, and Beatriz Adriana Rosario, 41, South National Road.

Roger Lee Ozbun, 45, Scottland Drive, and Bellaly Hernandez, 46, Scottland Drive.