Around Town – November 5

• Thought for the Day

• “Love is never merely an amiable tolerance of whatever form human frailty and folly may take.”

• — Josiah Royce

• American philosopher

• 1855-1916

Orchids to …

• the MainSource Bank volunteers who helped DSI and our clients celebrate Halloween, from Developmental Services Inc.

• Ross Ricketts for the very much appreciated help with the leaves while I have been incapacitated, from your neighbor.

• the protesters during Monday Night Football for achieving their goal of attention and awareness to a cause, all through nonviolent resistance.

• Dr. David Wilson and his staff at his new Columbus office.

• John Collier and Moore’s Roofing for their prompt and courteous service in taking care of our needs, from Pat and Ali.

• the lady at Marsh on Tuesday evening who bought my son a bottle of water while I was trying to calm my crying baby down and get everyone to the car as you made my hectic day a little easier.

• Jesse and Cheri Caudill, Buck Smith, Steve Jordan, Joy Deckard, Josh Leonard, Columbus Fire, Wayne Twp., Southwest, Harrison Twp., Columbus Twp., family, friends and neighbors for your help and support during our fire, from the Shiremans.

• Sandy A. for your help today, and the library is underutilized.

• Graci-Ann and Ryan Smith for making honor roll, from Mamaw and Paw Paw Smith.

• Jerry Horn for his excellent and very accurate letter describing the next mayoral administration.

• Priscilla Scalf’s humility and perseverance as a servant leader.

• Jerry Horn for his spot-on letter to the editor.

• Amy at CRH in the MRI department for being so nice and helpful in getting me through my test Tuesday evening, from Helen Crase.

• Emily and Ed at Kroger for finding and returning my lost cards, from Velma Goin.

• Rebecca Davis of Columbus Baptist Church for saving bulletins for shut-ins, from a shut-in.

• Tom Jekel, editor of The Republic for answering all my questions, from a subscriber.

Onions to …

• the city for scheduling the street sweeper to sweep Fifth Street on Monday mornings at 4:30 a.m. where the residents between Lafayette and California don’t appreciate being woken up every Monday at 4:30 am.

• the politicians who ignored problems at the center serving the low-income community for years but just voted for more corporate welfare tax breaks for the rich guy.

• the person who continues his patronage of the boss on the eve of the boss’s retirement.

• people who don’t quite grasp the idea that overwhelming majority only adds up to about 10 percent of the real majority.

• people at work who violate the no-solicitation policy.

• the publication that charges people in our county to honor their veterans.

• those who approve CAFOs that disrespect longtime farming neighbors by contaminating surface water.

• those who are rude to family members and do not realize life is short and they should wake up.

• newlyweds who don’t send thank-you cards for gifts or a thanks for attending a wedding, as people travel and take time out of their weekends to attend your special day.

• CPD officer who pulled out of the department lot this morning and did not stop at the crosswalk in front of the sheriff’s office so two pedestrians could cross, especially since other vehicles had stopped.

• the person blaming the Democratic Party for the mayoral election when anyone can run as an independent, from a person who is over it already.

Happy Birthday to …

• Chad Buehler, from your co-workers.

• Zachary Miller on No. 19, from Mamaw Kirby, Shane, Tiara, Imogene, PawPaw, Lindsay, Weston, The Kirby’s, Dad and Mom.

• Jackson Socks on No. 11, from Ma-maw, Rennie, Pop, Jayla, Mommy, Daddy, Kevin, Grayson, Lila, Nana, Tommy and all the rest of your family.

• Jacob McCarty, from Mom, Grandpa and Grandma Beatty.

• Cindy Buchta, from all your family.

• Kaitlyn Brummett on No. 13, from Grandma and Granddad.

• Jayle Haeseley, from Mom, Dad Jack, Nana, Tommy, Mindy, Joey, Kegan, Grayson, Jackson, Lila Rain and all the rest of your family and friends.

• Margie Dasovich, from Kyra, Sean and Maris.

• Cindy Condon, from all your family and friends.

• Jim Newton, from Sue.

• Kaitlin Brummett (Betsy) on No. 13, from Grace Barbieri.

• Trevor Allan-David Baker on No. 16, from your family.

• Charlotte Stroup on No. 90, from your family and friends.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Buck Imlay on No. 55, from Carolyn.

ANOTHER beautiful morning