Around Town – December 10

Orchids to …

• White River Broadcasting and on-air folks Brother John, KJ, Brad and Todd for getting the Columbus Wreaths Across program on the air and community calendar for the Sons of the American Legion, from Ron Shadley and other officers.

• Columbus Fire Department for helping me when I severely broke my ankle and for helping with my shoes, from Cathy Dotson.

• Clayton Miller for being the best trainer I ever worked with and helping me reach my fitness goals and improve my lifestyle.

• Parkside PTO for a wonderful luncheon, from the Parkside staff.

• Judith Gillespie and her committee for a delicious Christmas supper Monday night at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church parish hall, and to Lynne Fleming and David Anderson for the beautiful music and leading the group in Christmas carols.

• Detective Zeigler and Officer Plank for their patience and genuine kindness towards my confused mom Tuesday evening as their care and professionalism was exemplary, from a worried daughter.

• the young couple and child who found my water plane and waited for my return to give it back to me, from a grateful Bartholomew County Radio Control Flyer club member John Vinson.

Jill’s Diner for being a trustworthy local business and helping customers who leave their belongings on accident.


Stuart at Target for his extra effort Monday in finding the DVD I wanted, from Betty Lamborn.


Hope Elementary staff for their fantastic Christmas decorations, from Barbara Walters.


whoever made the decision to keep the former schools McKinley, Jefferson, Lincoln and Garfield, otherwise there would be more empty lots.


Opal Seeley at Town and Garden apartments for her Christmas spirit, from Sandy Boyd.


Kohl’s department store for the best public relations and service in the city of Columbus.


recyclers who flatten their cardboard.


Randy Rockit for taking time out of his busy schedule to come back to his home town for the holidays.


the carolers from St. Peter’s Lutheran Church who visited our house on Sunday, from Don and Martha.

Onions to …

• the gym owner who fired the facility’s best trainer right before Thanksgiving.

• people who don’t understand bicyclists are not allowed on the sidewalk in the downtown district.

• the person who sent Onions to anyone who voted for Obama; perhaps you’d be better served by sending Onions to those who don’t vote at all which is the real problem.

• all drivers who do not turn on their vehicle’s lights during heavy fog just because it is daylight; your headlights are for other drivers to see you.

• homeowners who should realize that when it comes to outdoor Christmas light displays that sometimes less is more.

• the school district for its hiring process.

• the nurse in the doctors office who lied to the doctor about what I said and canceled my prescription.

• doctors who say they are taking new patients but won’t answer their phones or return their voice mail messages.

• the store for selling outdated food up to seven months old.

• doctor’s offices that rely on answering machines.

• public spitters.

• the driver of the pickup who tailed me out of Columbus for more than 10 miles and having his high beams on part of the time.

Happy Birthday to …

• Richard Henderson

• Evelyn Gamble, from your family and friends.

• Russell Wilson on No. 91, from all the family.

• Rick Gates, from your family.

• Joyce Howard, from your family, friends and Donna.

• Lucile Jaggers from Paul.

• Buffy Merideth, from Mark and your family.

• Autumn Wilson, from the family.

• Dick Whittington.

• Braxton Buckner.

• Sunny Hull.

• Brian Barriger.

• Jeff Goddard, from mom and dad.

• Calib Matlock, from Nan, Pap and Hannah.

Belated Wishes to …

• Jayne E. Walls, from Sarah Jarrett.