Letter: Jesus also God? Debate continues

From: Fred Allman


Responding to Mr. Monte Mauller’s Nov. 20 letter to the editor, in which he is asserting that Jesus was God. No doubt he is an honest Christian. But he is basing his claim on Bible literalism, which only confuses the subject.

Yes, he is quoting the Bible to support his position. But I have many Bible quotes to support my position in that Jesus was a human prophet. See Matthew 21:10,11, Luke 24:19 and John 9:17.

So how can honest Christians resolve this contradiction? It can’t be resolved by Bible literalism because both Mr. Mauller and I are quoting the Bible. I believe that the Bible, like any other book, must be interpreted in the light of all the rest of reality.

Was Jesus God or human? I believe the fact that he died on the cross proves that he was human. A Muslim scholar years ago raised that argument with me. He said, “How could God die? The whole universe would cease to exist if that were to happen.” Actually, I could find no answer to his question, then or now.

Regarding Bible literalism, let me introduce St. Augustine. He was raised a Christian but left the faith because he couldn’t accept the literalism of the Christians. Later, he was won back to the faith by the church father Ambrose. Ambrose told him that Bible literalism is not a Christian requirement. And here was Ambrose’s supporting Bible text. “The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.” (2 Corinthians 3:6)

In other words, it is the spiritual message that is important. The myths and legends are there to lead superstitious and unenlightended men to the deeper spiritual and moral message of the Bible.