Couple loses $3,000 in scam

The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents that a new scam has surfaced involving iTunes gift cards.

On Monday, a Bartholomew County couple received a telephone call from someone representing themselves as out-of-state law enforcement, telling them their grandson was in jail and needed $3,000 to be released.

The couple was instructed to buy $3,000 in iTunes gift cards, scratch off the back and give the numbers to the caller.

On Tuesday, the couple received another call informing them their grandson had bonded out and they would receive a refund of their $3,000. However, they were told they needed to send another $2,000 in iTunes cards to receive the refund.

As they were attempting to purchase the additional $2,000 in the cards, someone called the sheriff’s department and investigators were able to save the couple the $2,000, although the original $3,000 was lost.

The sheriff’s department is advising anyone receiving a call similar to this to hang up and call police to report it.