Around Town – February 17

Orchids to …

• Gary Reynolds for Sunday’s letter to the editor regarding a presidential candidate.

• Dr. Patrick Barrett and 3 Tower nurses for the great care and compassion you showed Ms. Mary during her recent hospital stay, from Linda T.

• Parks department maintenance for the wonderful job on our parking lot after the recent snow, from the Mill Race Center.

• John for clearing the snow off my sidewalk, as you are always such a good neighbor.

• the local Kroger store for using my Kroger card to notify me when I had purchased a recall item which could have made me very ill, as having the card not only saves money but possibly lives as well.

• Bill Brandt at Carver Toyota for excellent customer service during our car search.

• the young man at the parking lot that scraped off my car, because it was so nice.

• Billy for plowing my driveway.

• to the kind neighbor on Flintwood Drive who cleared the snow off my drive this morning.

• the Columbus Department of Transportation, Bartholomew County Highway Department and Indiana State Highway Department for an awesome job clearing snow.

• Ashley Holliday and all the rest of the North gymnasts for their great efforts.

• my wonderful neighbors, Rick and Jane Siefert, for clearing my driveway and front steps, from Betty.

• the young man on Springbrook Drive in Briarwood Apartments for cleaning the snow from my car — thank you so much.

• Kay at Henry Social Club for being a great hostess and finding us a place at the bar on a very busy Friday night.

• Jennings County High School senior Megan Hockersmith on placing first with her essay in writing skills for the district competition Friday at Ivy Tech and qualifying for state.

• the neighbor who cleared our driveway, from Richard and Peggy Dunlevy.

• Doug at Homestead for unselfishly helping me time after time, from Loretta Pruitt.

• the new city administration for your excellent handling of the snow.

• the person who helped me through a snow storm twice, from a disabled person.

• George Bertha Uppling of North Vernon for helping a gentleman.

• the nice neighbor in Breakaway Trails who always clears snow from their neighbors’ driveways, as you are appreciated.

• Howard Bowles for all of your support this past month during our time in need from, the Koons Family.

• Columbus Collision for working so hard and doing such incredible work on my little white car, as you can’t even tell I was in a wreck.

Onions to …

• drivers who come to a complete stop before turning.

• those who need to make sure when parks close before sending in unwarranted Onions.

• all fast-food places that put your receipt on top of open boxes of food such as french fries, cheese sticks, etc., as it is very unsanitary and should be a health violation.

• the fast-food place that, when asked to leave my fish sandwiches plain with nothing on them, smothered them all in lettuce and mayo.

• The Republic for not printing a local paper locally.

• local churches that are worldly, not biblical.

• the owner of the abandoned vehicle in the parking garage and to those who allow it to remain on the premises.

• landlords who do not clean their sidewalks in the downtown area.

• younger workers who harass older workers about why they don’t retire and the company that doesn’t do a thing about it.

• those that hang around the light outside the public building and make it look distasteful.

• volunteers who are rude.

• the person who stole the rose on Valentine’s Day.

• elected officials for using the fad of implementing roundabouts to fix something that is not broken.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jeff Decker.

• Jenni Totten-Ryan, from Trish.

• John Kerns, from Pastor Carl and The OutReach.

• Louise Long, from Dale, Beverly, Anita, Beth and families.

• Darrel Day, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Scott Felicijan, from your family.

• Luke Sequeira, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Brigette Wheeler from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Monica Steink, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Eddie Loweth, from family and friends.

• Jude Goldman, from Brown’s Corner Chapel Church.

• Roderick Morales, from Granny and family.

Belated Wishes to …

• Gary Scroggins, from Trish

• Ruby Eagleton, from the lunch bunch at Shorty’s restaurant.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Barry and Susie Reuteman, from the motley crew.