Letter: Trump not fit to be president

From: Mark Schneider


As a Republican, I have a great concern for the party and our nation as we are at the precipice of nominating Donald Trump for president of the United States. Trump is a phony, an egomaniac, a coward, a bully, a paper tiger, a loose cannon, an intellectual lightweight, a sexist, a narcissist and a morally bankrupt person.

Trump is nothing more than the Kim Kardashian of politics. He is famous because people stop to watch a train wreck. Being a billionaire does not qualify one to be president. Neither does hosting a reality show. It is laughable to mention Trump in the same breath as Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan.

Being elected president carries the most real and serious of responsibilities. Do we want someone like Trump and his temperament to have control of thousands of nuclear weapons? I do not. Do Republicans want to nominate someone who has only recently “evolved” from a multitude of liberal positions? I do not.

Yes, we have problems with deficits, debt, immigration, flat incomes and so on. However, anger is not a solution. Vagueness and generalities solve nothing.

The solution lies in modern ideas for the future. America is still great, but it needs the right leader with the right ideas to be even greater. Donald Trump is not that person.