Court news – March 20

This is a report of cases filed in Bartholomew County courts. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims


Nancy Miller, Nashville, vs. Andrea Ebenkamp, Hope, $650 and eviction.

Old National Bank vs. Elvis Smith, Eighth Street, $600 and eviction; Steve Johnson, Ninth Street, $500 and eviction; Debra Lawver, Lafayette Avenue, $650 and eviction; Cheryl Curry, Ninth Street, $500 and eviction; and Scott and Michelle Myers, Sycamore Street, $600 and eviction.

Phil Buster, State Road 46W, vs. Joseph B. Carroll, Lafayette Avenue, $1,100 and eviction.

Melvin Hurd, North County Road 500W, vs. Polaris, Medina, Minnesota, $1,900.

KD Rentals, Nashville, vs. Dwayne Skinner, Washington Street, $1,000 and eviction; Josh Sherfrey, 15th Street, $2,250 and eviction; and Neil Hughes, 12th Street, $1,500 and eviction.

James A. Shoaf, Columbus, vs. Christa Sorenson, Miami Court, $980.12; David Jeffries, Gladstone Avenue, $820.70; Timothy Blair, Grove Parkway, $4,842.66; and Ricky Walker, South Brooks Street, $443.24.

Centra Credit Union vs. Courtney Bryant, Edinburgh, $1,116.68.

Collection Associates vs. Kristy A. Hill, Heyland Drive, $2,654.64; James R. Perkins, Village Drive, $1,548.05; Tessa Green, Hutchins Avenue, $579.40; Bruce R. Phillips, Cottage Avenue, $4,576.82; Santos Rivera, North National Road, $1,086.38; Heather L. Lucas, North County Road 500W, $774.55; Lisa A. King, Wedgewood Court, $654.26; and Jessica M. Seal, Hope, $4,153.16.

Vickie Reynolds, South County Road 300W, vs. Jamey Harpring, South County Road 550W, $6,000.

Carol P. Alvarez, Indiana Avenue, vs. Tina Wicker, North Hughes Street, $2,940 and eviction.

Orvil Williams, Flat Rock Drive, vs. Chris Fralick, California Street, complaint for undetermined amount and eviction.

Aaron and Tonya Quinton vs. Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp., $4,207.

Lewis Investment Properties, Seymour, vs. Brandy and Rodney Shepherd, Patterson Street, $1,500 and eviction.

Corya Pork Farm, Greensburg, vs. Adam Garrett, Hope, $1,494.24 and eviction.

Hillview Mobile Home Park vs. Tammy and Scott Reel, North National Road, $3,085 and eviction; and Janice Wade, North National Road, $6,000 and eviction.

Cavalry I, vs. James Tharp, Sunset Court, $1,923.42.

Dissolutions of Marriage


 Christal Roberta Esther Peters, Middleview Drive, vs. Kyle Kwesi Husbands,  Bartholomew County, married Aug. 7, 2015, separated Nov. 19, 2015.

 Brian Callahan, Seymour, vs. Kimberly Callahan, Lafayette Avenue, married  Nov. 14, 2015, separated Dec. 15, 2015.

 Kylee Jo Byers, South Drive, vs. Michael Eric Byers, Thicket Court, married March 31, 2011, separated Jan. 31, 2015.

 Sonja Kaye Williams, Bartholomew County, vs. Eric Alan Williams, North Talley Road, married April 11, 1998, separated Feb. 27, 2016.

 Feng Tao, West Hyde Court, vs. Lu Lie, Camarillo, California, married Aug. 3, 1990, separated July 22, 2014.

 Troy Fear, Maple Street, vs. Andreah Fear, Williamsburg Court, married Aug. 23, 2004, separated Jan. 15, 2016, one child.

 Lacie Hollman, Greensburg, vs. Brandon Hollman, West County Road 500N, married Nov. 21, 2007, separated Nov. 1, 2013.

 James Hobson, Franklin, vs. Jammie Lynn Hobson, Bartholomew County, married Nov. 25, 2013, separated Jan. 13, 2016.

Circuit Court



 Ditech Financial vs. Glen D. Bunch, no address available, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $44,147.40.

 Jackson County Bank vs. Cashen Enterprises, California Street, $739,076.39.

 Amanda Watson vs. Daniel Browne, West Northwind Court, and Justin Bivens, Sycamore Street, complaint for damages.

 Centra Credit Union vs. Robert N. Lowell, Seneca Court, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $33,030.53.

 Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance vs. Rhiannon N. Hammontree, East County Road 200S, $2,969.23.

 Mercantile Bank of Michigan vs. Jeffrey Johns, Langston, Georgia, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $79,615.87.

 Franklin American Mortgage Co. vs. Morgan B. Whipple, Winterberry Place, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

Dissolutions of Marriage


 Sarah B. Read, Bartholomew County, vs. Caleb M. Read, Edinburgh, married Dec. 29, 2012, separated Jan. 5, 2016, two children.

 Carrie Lynne Chadwell, Saylor Drive, vs. Clinton David Chadwell, Seymour, married June 29, 2013, separated Feb. 1, 2016, one child.

 Brian Matthew Gilbert, Columbus, vs. Jaime Nicole Gilbert, Columbus, married Jan. 9, 2009, no separation date available, two children.

 Hali S. Prewitt, Elizabethtown, vs. Jon M. Dunn, no address available, married Dec. 30, 2013, separated June 3, 2014.

 Allen D. Hall, Bartholomew County, vs. Natalie L. Hall, Bartholomew County, married March 26, 2012, no separation date available.

 Janita Roberts, Willa Way, vs. Delvin Roberts, East Karlsway Drive, no marriage date available, separated Oct. 3, 2015.