Around Town – March 26

Orchids to …

• Dr. Travis Hubbuch DPM and staff at Columbus Foot and Ankle Clinic for their attentive service and courtesy, from Amanda M.

• Athens Church for leaving a wonderful invitation to their Easter service on my door.

• the young gentleman working at the Menards loading dock who helped load the mulch for the two elderly ladies in the pouring rain, yet still managed to have a lovely smile, from Joan Trilling.

• the city transit department for your compassion during the loss of a loved one as your kindness will always be remembered, from Danny Green and family.

• Mike and Sandy Loveless for being awesome people.

• First Light Home Care, from Farrington Apartments.

• Mom for watching over our home while we were away during spring break, from Jack and Rhonda.

• Samantha at Centra Credit Union on National Road for your patience, understanding and help, from Bill Erfmeier.

• Debbie at Carpet Mania for all your help and great customer service, from Karen.

• Steve Gibson for changing my tire in the rain, from Donna White.

• Don and Janet McDonald for taking great care of Scout while we were away, from Jack and Rhonda.

• everyone on Camelot Lane for coming forward and helping me get moved, from Pamela Blair.

• my brother Greg, the Gabbards and Darlene Burton for helping me move on Camelot Lane, from Pam.

• Bill Cosby on your retirement after 44 years from Cummins, we are very proud of you, from your family.

• The Republic carrier Kyla Canary who is such a good carrier and delivers our papers so well, from your friends on Pleasant Drive in North Vernon.

• the gentleman at the hospital for buying my lunch as it’s nice to know we are appreciated, from a volunteer at CRH.

• Mayor Jim Lienhoop for his leadership.

Onions to …

• local officials and The Republic for not reporting on the high E. coli counts in the river from multiple studies while locals talk river development.

• former elected leaders who, blinded by bitterness, take to social media and embarrass themselves.

• the female employee at a restaurant who needs to concentrate on her own job, not somebody else’s.

• those involved with a local project that’s been taking member money for over 10 years with no real signs of progress outside of conversations.

• drivers who don’t realize that even though county roads are narrow, they are two-way roads.

• those for not telling us which empty business on Third Street needs to install a closed sign, as there are several.

• those who are so negative as to ridicule an event that has not even happened yet.

• bank tellers who are arrogant, snooty and think they are better than everyone else.

• city officials who think it’s more important to disrupt city streets for a marathon when it’s not wanted by all residents.

• the person who proclaimed to be a Christian yet plans to vote for a certain presidential candidate.

• political parties who charge enormous prices for their political dinners.

• the water exercise instructor who does not do a very good job and I feel like I’m wasting my money.

Happy Birthday to …

• Ralph Blewett, from your family and Donna.

• Stacey Hartwell, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Charlotte Condon, from your family.

• Addy Newman, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Casey Dickerson, from Grandma Hege.

• Jeremy Gelfus.

• Jon Griffin.

• Charles Anderson.

• Charlotte Condon, from your great-grandkids, Jaylen, Makayla, Taryn, Claire, Noah, Xavier and Kambry.

• Donny Idol, from Mom, Shelby, Junior, Jacob, Tiffany, Terri, Rodger, Wilma, Donella, family and friends.

• Charlotte Condon, from the Daughters of Isabella Sisters.

• Tobi Johnson, from your Mom and Dad.

Belated Wishes to …

• Gerald Turner, from Melissa.