Court news – March 27

Bartholomew County Courthouse, pictured Monday, Aug. 24, 2015.

Marriage License Applications

Kelly Renee Lunsford, 38, South Hinman Street, and James Ronald Lunsford, 39, Gilmore Street.

Loretta Lynne England, 43, South County Road 450E, and Isabella Cheri Bailey, 23, South County Road 450E.

Mohan A. Pasupuleti, 32, Stonegate Drive, and Sree Sai Deepa Kundurthi, 31, Stonegate Drive.

Robin Lynne Gray, 49, Sycamore Street, and Christopher Lee Smith, 47, Sandpiper Lane.

Taylor Brooke Hess, 24, Patterson Road, and Chase Leland Richard Rouse, 26, Patterson Road.

Dawn A. Doup, 39, Middle Road, and Shounak S. Pandit, 35, Middle Road.

Reynaldo Francisco Villegas Gonzalez, Eighth Street, and Yesenia Gomez Mondragon, 35, Eighth Street.

Shannon Nichole Acton, 26, Ninth Street, and Debbie Lynn Randolph, 24, Ninth Street.

Jason Alan Brewsaugh, 35, East 25th Street, and Stacey De Lynn Kimmet, 34, 25th Street.

Bradley Eugene Abrams, 52, Waldron, and Patricia Ann Penrose, 46, Parkway Drive.

Kurt T. Lovins, 32, East South Street, and Brittany M. Smith, 26, East South Street.

Tyler Robert Smith, 24, Hope, and Aubree Krystyne Schroeder, 23, West Lowell Road.

Kelsi Rene Boas, 28, South Wayne Street, and Aaron Matthew Wright, 32, South Wayne Street.

Juanita Jean Jeffries, 51, Jones Street, and Jeff Martin Hill, 47, Jones Street.

Steven W. Cox, 48, Shoreline Drive, and Paula Marie Eller-Hartwell, 52, 22nd Street.

Samuel David Henry Frisby, 26, Ruddick Avenue, and Andrea Nicole Osmon, 30, Ruddick Avenue.

John Thomas Baker, 35, Scipio, and Emilee Anne Bush, 35, 18th Street.

Joshua Shane Carr, 23, Taylorsville, and Sydney Rose Cox, 23, Taylorsville.

Robert Joseph Ahern, 50, Smith Street, and Joshua David Welsh, 35, Smith Street.

Jordan Tyler Skaggs, 29, Earlington, Kentucky, and Heather Michelle Strang, 27, Earlington, Kentucky.

Whitney Ann Kinser, 24, 25th Street, and Brett Matthew Purdue, 29, 25th Street.

Amanda Dawn Sanders, 35, West Spray Road, and Timothy Wayne Acton, 44, West Spray Road.

Stephen Kent Moon Jr., 44, North County Road 150W, and Jessica Fay Robinson, 37, North County Road 150W.

Justine Louise Lykins, 22, Elizabethtown, and Andrew Michael Summers, 28, Buena Vista, Virginia.

Cameron Michael Fathauer, 18, Marilyn Street, and Chelsea Brooke Franklin, 20, Greensburg.

Nardos Tadesse Asfaw, 26, Creek Bank Drive, and Evakise Evakise Brian, 26, Creek Bank Drive.

Jennifer Darlene Merritt, 40, West County Road 450S, and Gregory Todd Wright, 43, Seymour.

Hannya Saray Rodriguez Perez, 19, Patterson Road, and Israel Salas Vaca, 30, Patterson Road.

Justin A. Scheible, 28, Hope, and Jasmine Murielle Shelley, 25, Chandler Lane.

Lesley Polazkowyj, 32, Washington Street, and Christopher Smith, 34, Washington Street.

Jorge Luis Lagos Casiano, 32, North National Road, and Claudia Mendoza Aguilar, 30, North National Road.

Clarence Ray Canady, 57, Greenwood, and Terri Lynn Risley, 54, Riverside Drive.

Cameron Scott Hardwick, 26, Edinburgh, and Teah Marie Meek, 22, Edinburgh.

Caroline Elizabeth Skuta, 27, California Street, and Collin Eugene York, 24, California Street.

Timothy Lee Brookshire, 50, Franklin Street, and Lisa Ann Wyrick, 47, Franklin Street.

Jacqueline Sue Meinders, 51, North Ridgewood Drive, and Vanessa Lee Hodson, 57, North Ridgewood Drive.

Nicholas Tyler Eudy, 31, Parkway Drive, and Alisha Danielle Cooley, 24, Parkway Drive.