Letter: Nowlin’s experience would help as representative

From: Tom Vujovich


Voters for state House District 59 are fortunate to have two excellent candidates running for this seat in the Democratic primary. Dale Nowlin and Bob Pitman both offer experiences and skills that would serve the district and its constituents well. As treasurer of the Dale Nowlin campaign, I would like to tell you why I am supporting him for this position.

Dale was a classroom educator for 39 years and was recognized with the Presidential Award for Excellence in mathematics teaching. He also served for 17 years as a school administrator. He understands the demands of both the classroom and the office. Through his efforts, countless students in Bartholomew County have been influenced and prepared for the future, whether that included moving onto higher education or taking a position in a local factory. He is one of those educators whom students recall with gratitude for having helped prepare them to succeed.

Dale is currently serving a second term on the National Assessment Governing Board, an organization whose purpose is to see that resources committed to education are repaid through real attainment at the national and state level. At a time when spending on education and accomplishment is instrumental to Indiana’s economic future, we would benefit by having someone with classroom and administrative experience helping to shape a coherent state education policy.

As someone who understands that data should be used to drive good decisions, Dale also knows that Indiana’s economy is dependent on a balanced policy that respects the environment and diversifies our energy resources. While many prefer to view these two areas as being in conflict, he believes that they are challenges to be solved and represent opportunities for real economic growth for all Hoosiers.

Dale believes that protecting the rights of all our citizens is not a political calculation but is the right thing to do. He understands that support for small businesses leads to economic growth and higher wages. He knows how to use data to analyze an issue, develop alternate solutions and arrive at sound decisions. His professional life has been dedicated to helping others do the same thing.

This election offers the voters an opportunity to improve the way we do business in the Statehouse. Dale Nowlin offers the voters new leadership, a new direction and a long-term vision that will improve the lives of the residents of District 59.

That’s why I am supporting Dale and hope you will as well.