Letter: Andrews right fit for next judge

From: Marcia Rexroat Covert


My employment over the last 32-plus years has been in local government. I have had the privilege to work with many elected officials and even more government employees during those years.

I worked with Scott Andrews in local government. I also had the honor of being friends with Scott and many of his family members. He comes from a solid background of caring and honest relatives. He and his family are deeply rooted in positive community involvement and service to others.

As I reflect on my personal knowledge of Scott and his loved ones, there is absolutely no hesitation on my part to support and vote for him to become our next Circuit Court judge in Bartholomew County.

Scott will bring enthusiasm, communication skills and a professional demeanor to this office. He has the education, work history and knowledge of justice according to the law. He exemplifies each of these personal traits and is exactly what every resident in Bartholomew County needs and desires for any and all elected officials.

Because of these qualities and my personal knowledge of Scott and his demonstration of fairness and good ethical judgement, I am heartily compelled to endorse him for Circuit Court judge.

I am asking my fellow Bartholomew County friends and neighbors to join me in casting your vote for Scott Andrews as Circuit Court judge on May 3. This is a vote you can definitely be proud to make.