Around Town – April 23

Orchids to …

• Billie Bryant Furniture Repair for doing a wonderful job repairing my old chair, from a satisfied customer.

• Columbus Radiology private corporation for a job well done, from Patti.

• Harry McCawley for the great column “Fallen But Not Forgotten” on Edward Hunter, from Jim Jackson.

• Linemen Don and Jeff from Bartholomew County REMC for getting to us so quickly when the tree fell on our house taking out our electric line, and your quickness and kindness didn’t go unnoticed.

• Tammy and Dave Miller for the delicious meals since my surgery, from Betty Bailey.

• Carson Rogan for his Earth Day letter showing the benefits of plant-based diets to the environment and the damage animal agriculture does to it.

• Don and Peggy Wampler for the two tickets for the First United smorgasbord.

• Bob Poynter for the friendly service and the body shop for doing a wonderful job on my car.

• Kindred Transitional Care for all the care and support they provided to my wife, Joan Elkins, for over five years, from Bob.

• Chris at the Animal Rescue for finding the bat in my house, from Margie Peach.

• Salin Bank for the wonderful convenience of having tellers available until 9 p.m., from a happy customer.

Onions to …

• the school that has horrible food for lunch and seeing nearly all of it come back and go down the garbage disposal, wasting the parents’ money and providing no nutrition for the children.

• those who are thinking of allowing on-street parking on 25th Street.

• the school for not fixing the giant pot hole in front of the student lot.

• those who believe that a traffic light would reduce accidents caused by driver error at County Road 500N and Marr Road.

• those who say they are clean of drugs but still drink.

• the homeowners on the county road who think they need junk cars, trucks and livestock in their front yards.

• people who equate intelligence with wisdom.

• people who don’t want a $15-per-hour minimum wage when it should really be at least $19 to $21 an hour just to get by in today’s economy.

• the presidential candidate and his followers who don’t realize rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.

• those responsible for not fixing huge chuck holes on Flintwood Drive at 25th Street.

• the church that won’t control its dandelions.

• those who believe that education, in the big picture, is the key to eliminating poverty in 2016.

• people who did not recognize that the presidential candidate was referring to Firehouse 711 and not the date 9/11, and jumped on the bashing bandwagon.

• the facility that dumped a bright employee for an out-of-town group with no ties or loyalty to the community.

• nurses who wear cologne when their patients have breathing problems.

• the supervisor who canceled the already scheduled food delivery truck because of rain when people were already standing in line as people depend on this truck and they needed that food.

• all adult grandchildren who cannot take five minutes out of their week to visit their grandparents, especially when they used to live with them.

Happy Birthday to …

• Brenda Dishinger, from Pastor Carl and The OutReach.

• Deb Johnson, from your family and Donna.

• Bubby Crawhorn, from Mom, Jackie, Daren, Alicia, Pokie, Regina, Brenda and families.

• Josie Lynn Fouts, from Chris, Kighler, Shaylie, Branson, Shelbie, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.

• Pat Dailey, from Shorty’s breakfast gang.

• Peggy, from Helen.

• Peggy Dunleavy, from Jan.

• our little girl Tanika on No. 10, from Mommy, Dylan, Aunt Becky, Aunt Jan, Uncle Ron, Aunt Vera, sissy Gwen, Steve and the rest of your family.

• Ben Austin, from Brown’s Corner Chapel Church.

• Jim Denton, from Brown’s Corner Chapel Church.

• Logan Hoover.

• Dwight Carter.

• Nathan Long.

• Katrina Henry.

• Emma Gearhart.

Belated Wishes to …

• Kathy Lee, from a friend.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Charlie and Vanessa Bryant, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Kate and John Brunson, from Laurin, Mom, Dad, Judy and Bob.