Letter: Lauer’s conservative values good for office

From: Barbara Davies


I respectfully suggest that all your readers examine the attributes of Ryan Lauer, who is running for state representative for District 59.

Many readers will be aware of his work on the Bartholomew County Council, where he proved to be fiscally responsible with our money, cutting budgets efficiently, increasing services to our veterans while lowering the county tax rate by 4 percent. Not an easy task.

I know Ryan through Grace Lutheran Church, where his family and I are members and where we both work on the Members Management Board, he as chairman. He is very much a family man with his lovely wife, Blair and two small daughters, Awyn and Lillian.

Ryan is a true Republican with conservative values that he intends to take to the Statehouse. He is an energetic, intelligent, educated man with far-reaching and sympathetic vision as to the needs of the voters.

In my humble opinion, he would make an excellent state representative. Please spend some time examining his record, his involvement in our community and meet him personally before you make your decision.