Letter: There are many reasons to support Pitman

From: Richard Fleck


My wife Joyce and I support Bob Pitman for District 59 state representative for the following reasons:

  • His history of caring and empathy.
  • His success in building nationally noted senior center.
  • His ability to look beyond today and see the broader image.
  • His proven skills of persuasion and intelligent compromise.
  • His awareness that government is the art of the possible.
  • His skills at putting together coalitions of stakeholders, both public and private (witness the many partners and supporters involved in the creation of Mill Race Center).
  • His compassion for younger people and understanding the problems of education.
  • He is a father, grandfather, family man and family advocate who recognizes that families come in different shapes.

These are just a few reasons we support Bob Pitman, one of Columbus’ best.