Around Town – April 29

Orchids to …

• the Columbus Power Elite Senior 3 Team heading to the D2 Summit in Tampa this weekend, and good luck, from CPE friends and family.

• Art’s Cleaners, Faith Victory Church Clothes Closet, St. Vincent de Paul Society, the man behind the hospital, Brenda Hull, Ben and Joe Donohoe and anyone else for donating to the DSI 2016 Prom.

• my sister-in-law Barbara Herold for crocheting hundreds of hats for newborns at the hospital, from Dorothy Ping.

• Laura Lamb in the auditor’s office for all your help with our tax form and for mailing it to us, from Barbara Lehman.

• Alvie Schafer for stopping to make sure I was OK Wednesday morning, from Debbie.

• Our Hospice of South Central Indiana for the excellent care you gave my father-in-law while he was a patient there.

• Kim Burgess for all the decorating work on prom dresses, and to anyone else I may have forgotten a big thank you, from Sharon Ballenger.

• Kaleb Sharpe for making the honor roll, from Ed and Mary.

• Don and Ed for their dedicated work on the roof which is keeping all the rain out, from Orphan Grain Train.

• Jim Dunn for his dedicated and tireless volunteer work at the Orphan Grain Train building and loading dock which are truly a blessing to the OGT ministry.

Onions to …

• people who try to intimidate young fathers when all they are trying to do is spend time with their son.

• the owners of a pit bull that attacked, maimed and killed three small dogs in the area of 19th Street and Caldwell Place, as they should be held responsible because the little dogs were on leashes being walked.

• the employer for not allowing employees to wear denim for one day in support of awareness of abuse and violence toward women.

• supporters of putting millions of women in an extremely uncomfortable and potentially threatening situation in order to satisfy men who claim to be women but are not and never will be.

• election officials at the voting center for not having a sign at the main entrance advising handicapped people using canes or crutches to use the rear entrance — a much shorter walk.

• the school that uses powdered sugar on cake and brownies instead of frosting them like the menu says they will be.

• anyone who thinks gender is not between the legs.

• people who back up traffic turning into the gas station on State Road 11 when they could pull forward 10 feet and use the other entrance, allowing people to go around them.

• the newspaper for printing the very inappropriate cartoon in Thursday’s paper.

Happy Birthday to …

• Dave Baldwin, from friends at the Moravian Church,

• Matthew Taylor.

• Luke Allman on No. 5, from great-mamaw Rennie, Pop, Jayla and your dad, Christopher Mack Allman.

• Susan McKinney Wilcox, from A.J.

• Stormy Butler from Chuck, Haylen, Judy, Donnie, Don, Paul and Janet.

• Maddie Goddard on No. 12, from Mom and Dad, Hunter, Ariella and Grandma and Grandpa Goddard.

Belated Wishes to …

• Cathy Schroer, from Joseph Hart Chapter of the DAR.

• Carla Claycamp from Elsie

• Ron Schaub from Kay Bronnert

Happy Anniversary to …

• Gordon and Barb Schnadinger, from your family and Donna.