Court news – May 21

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small claims filed

Allied Collection Service vs. Brenda Bramble, South Hinman Street, $4,987.03.Cavalry Investments vs. Lois Irvin, Flintwood Court, $1,015.93.

LVNV Funding vs. Elizabeth Stevens, Elizabethtown, $936.93.

Marie Spall, Iris Street, vs. Cindy Meyer and Shawn Mace, Iris Street, complaint for damages and eviction.

Paul Bixler, West County Road 200N, vs. Robert and Kellie Keel, North County Road 400W, $1,295 and eviction.

Alan W. Mullins, Shady Lane, vs. Delvin, Alan, Janita and Daniel Roberts, Willa Way, $1,075 and eviction.

American Rental vs. Brandon Perkins, McKinley Avenue, $1,500; Samantha and Thomas Barnes, Sycamore Court, $1,500; Charlie and Amber Skaggs, Apache Court, $1,500; and Elvis Smith, Eighth Street, $1,500.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Norman James Henderson, 28th Street, $1,818 and eviction.

Lawson, Pushor, Mote & Gamso LLC vs. Malorie Judge, Smith Street, $2,327.50; and Cassidy England, Willowbrook Drive, $1,090.

Booth Manor Columbus, Gladstone Avenue, vs. Charles Burns, Gladstone Avenue, complaint for damages and eviction.

Kevin M. Lovelace and Charles E. Lovelace, 20th Street, vs. Brandon Mockbee and Melissa Holley, Maple Street, $750 and eviction.

Janice Bass, Hudson, Ohio, vs. Adam Atwood and Erin Jones, South Holiday Drive, $6,000.

David Gates, West County Road 275S, vs. Dennis Jones, South Hinman Street, $2,235 and eviction.

Michelle Daily, East 25th Street, vs. Sydney Callahan, Hartsville, $1,196.28 and eviction.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance vs. Sheyenne Weber, North Vernon, $4,309.12.

Applegate Apartments vs. Brittney Guess, Appleway Drive, $1,131 and eviction.

Cambridge Square Columbus vs. Jerry Wayne Watkins Jr. and Brittany Nicole Dewey, Cambridge Square, complaint for eviction and damages.

Housing Authority of Columbus vs. Jessica Perez, Pence Avenue, complaint for damages and eviction.

Greg Simo vs. Kendra Smith and Cassandra Sapp, Ninth Street, $500 and eviction; and Edward Boland, Ninth Street, $1,300 and eviction.

Steinhurst Manor vs. Steven L. Brown, Salzburg Boulevard, complaint for damages and eviction.

Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp. vs. Curtis Anderson, Hope, $173.20; Tara Miller, Hope, $470; Jasmine House, Hartsville, $195; and Renee Shaw, Hope, $140.30.

IMC Credit Services vs. April M. Parra, North Vernon, $1,806.70; Buffy E. Wheeler, Taylorsville, $2,804.44; Nickolas A. Swartout, North Lincoln Village Drive, $1,230.20; Christopher E. Salinas, Taylorsville, $1,053.58; Jeffrey W. and Janet Wright, Clifford, $2,443.34; Pamala S. Strevels, Robert Drive, $2,160.56; Steven D. Smith, Tyler Drive, $1,266.29; Victor Santiago, Mill Run, $2,684.24; Maya I. Russell, Saxon Court, $1,503.38; Jackie Penn, North Vernon, $1,402.77; Trent Perry, North Talley Road, $3,860.59; Tony R. White, Scottsburg, $2,114.64.

IMC Credit Services vs. Stephanie N. Newgent, Williamsburg Court, $3,645.77; Jillian K. Riley, Sims Drive, $787.44; Melissa M. Zeigler, Caldwell Place, $5,298.59; Robin K. Rutan, West County Road 300S, $724.80; Sandra Lea Crawford, Maple Street, $3,518.74; Robert S. O’Leary, Washington Street, $1,905.20; Vicki S. Richardson, Edinburgh, $2,030.80; Miriam M. Whitfield, Fall Valley Drive, $3,564.88; Angela R. Naylor-Cannon, Larkspur Lane, $1,083.50; William E. Smith, West Keith Drive, $5,236.46; and Joe P. Winchester, Westport, $2,306.67.

Travis Mouser, Hope Avenue, vs. Cheryll Curry, Ninth Street, $2,100 and eviction.

Equity Property Management, Country Brook Court, vs. Stacy Booker, Grand Avenue, $725 and eviction.