Quick takes – June 18th

Generous donation

Dr. Frank Jerome earlier this year closed the dental practice he had operated in Columbus for more than 40 years. In doing so, he could have easily sold his equipment — some of it the industry’s state-of-the-art technology — to another practice.

Instead, he decided to donate the equipment to the local branch of Orphan Grain Train, a nonprofit Lutheran organization that assists individuals and families in need around the world. Jerome’s equipment is heading to Texas to be used at a clinic that helps the underserved.

This was a thoughtful gift by Jerome that will help improve the lives of people with better dental care.

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Good awareness effort

You don’t have to be very old to make a positive impact, just motivated. Columbus resident Evan Saevre is proof.

Evan took part in a unique way to raise awareness of military veterans who are committing suicide at a national rate of 22 per day. He did so by performing 22 pushups per day for 22 days in a row. Evan got his youth football teammates to participate, but he raised the awareness level a notch when Green Bay Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix took notice. The NFL player had seen a video on social media in which Evan did 22 pushups while wearing a Clinton-Dix Packers jersey. That prompted an invitation to even to do 22 pushups with Clinton-Dix after a practice in Green Bay. Evan and Clinton-Dix did exactly that on May 24.

Evan is to be commended for his efforts to raise awareness of a serious national issue.

Farmers markets beneficial

Residents have several good reasons to shop at the three local farmers markets — two in Columbus and one in Hope. For starters, the food sold is grown locally, so consumers know exactly where it’s coming from and who is growing it and can ask the growers questions directly. Buying locally also keeps more money circulating within the local economy, creating a greater direct benefit.

There’s yet another good reason this year. All three farmers markets are using technology that allows customers to easily obtain helpful information about the produce. Foodlink, a program that utilizes a QR code, allows farmers market customers to scan the code with a smartphone and learn nutritional values and recipes.

The local farmers markets have a mutual benefit to local growers and consumers, so take them in and enjoy the opportunity.