Letter: School board needs to revoke transgender bathrooms

From: Phil Weick


It isn’t about LGBT rights; it is about the safety of our children. Those who have chosen the LGBT lifestyle have made a choice. I don’t understand it, but I respect their decision. Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. needs to immediately revoke this insane policy of transgender bathrooms and showers. This is a safety issue for our children. Individuals need to use the bathrooms and shower facilities for their gender at birth, not facilities for the genders for which they chose to identify. Transgender individuals should be allowed to use a private facility that has a locking door for privacy. Having males who shower with girls is unacceptable.

At a recent BCSC board meeting, the issue of safety was raised. The official answer that came from the board was, “There are disciplinary rules in place for someone that just goes into the bathroom or shower to sneak a peek.” What kind of policy is that? That is after the fact. The psychological damage has been done. You can’t unwind the clock. No mention was been made about counseling for that little girl who might have been violated. Where is the thinking of our administrators?

Are we putting a dollar amount on our children’s safety? The Obama threat to not send federal dollars to school districts is just a threat. Congress makes laws, not the executive branch. This overreach is being challenged, and I believe it will be overturned as an unlawful order.

We as a community need to stand up for righteousness and not bow down to political correctness. Please contact members on the school board and voice your concerns. This needs to be done before the school session starts. Act today.