Around Town – June 29

Orchids to …

• Matt Robertson and Silgas for their assistance at the hay bail fire on County Road 550N on Sunday, from the Clifford Fire Department.

• all the artists who participated in Columbus ArtFest.

• Bob at Burt’s Termite and Pest Control for being so informative and an excellent example of customer service.

• whoever weeded and mulched the butterfly garden at the 4-H community building, from the Common Ground Garden Club.

• the United Way for all the volunteer work on our yards and trailer, from Betty Roll, Vickie Miller, Alberta Miller and Betty Wallace.

• the very young gentleman who held the door open for me Monday at the Fair Oaks Creek Family Dental center.

• Pastor Kirby Rupp for a weekend 200th anniversary revival with good speakers and great music, from your congregation at Old Union United Church of Christ.

• the ladies on the fourth floor staff at Columbus Regional Hospital for taking care of my sister Diana, from Dale Wamsley and family.

• Turning Point for Day of Caring volunteers Sabic, Charlotte, Bryan, Brian, Jason and Chad, and Cummins volunteers Emma, Andrew and Darin.

• Dr. Dan Vermillion and staff at Columbus Animal Hospital for your loving care for our Claire and for your donation in her memory, from the Larsons.

• Columbus’ street department for sweeping Ninth Street, from a Ninth Street resident.

• Vicki Amos on her retirement from Central Dispatch, from John Tinkey.

• Jim Quiett on South Drive for mowing my grass Monday.

• Phil Weick for his letter in Sunday’s paper.

• the person who picked up the raccoon that had been hit and moved it to the side of the road.

Onions to …

• the driver of the white truck who backed into my red van and damaged the tail light at the bank Monday morning, because you should have stopped.

• customers who expect same day service but take more than 30 days to pay their bills.

• the city because all of the stop lights along 10th Street are not timed correctly and always turn red as I get to the light.

• doctors who refuse to refill prescriptions unless you come into the doctor’s office every six months.

• the people who gripe about chickens, because they should live in our subdivision where we have chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, rabbits and turkeys.

• the couple who walk their dogs in the cemeteries and let them go to the bathroom on the graves.

• the rude man Saturday in the store’s automotive department.

• people who make other people miserable because of a situation in a family.

• the officials who close our streets for the walking and running nonsense.

• the man at the park with an unleashed dog who deliberately walked around my leashed pit bull and me and tried to start a fight between the two dogs.

• the man in the big red truck who backed into my little black car June 14 and to police for putting very little effort into finding it.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kit Huffman, from the Democrat Ladies League.

• Stella Berkenstock.

• Shaundra on No. 42, love Aunt Penny and Uncle Gene.

• Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Cameron Jenkins on No. 16, from Grandma Smith.

• Tim Tilpin, from Maw Miller.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bryce and Bethany Mize, from Grandpa and Grandma Mize and family.

• Josh and Nicole Bontrager, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• John and Michelle Hoover.

• Terry and Linda Duvall, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Larry West on No. 46, from Evelyn.