Letter: Liberals, look in mirror, stop labeling people

From: Sherry Grimes


While watching an old episode of “All in the Family” recently, it occurred to me just how blind liberals are to perceived reality versus actual reality. The fictional Archie Bunker was portrayed as a conservative bigot, while his son-in-law was the open-minded liberal. Archie was criticized by his son-in-law for always labeling people. This is the image that Hollywood and liberal (aka Democratic) politicians like to paint of all conservatives (aka Republicans). It is a falsehood. It is not the Republicans who label and group Americans (aka voters), but the Democrats.

How often do Democratic politicians address or even use the word Americans? Very seldom. No, they would much rather label people, and those labels are LGBT, women, African-Americans, Hispanics, minorities, former felons, etc. Democrats enjoy pitting Americans against other Americans, making as many voters as possible feel like victims. When will we come together again as Americans and put the country first, not our own, narrow-minded self-interests? It seems that patriotism is a four-letter word these days.

The same often can be said of morality. There are many on the left who are more than happy to point out America’s faults and pass those along to our younger generations. The United States of America is an extraordinary country, but not perfect. Some mistakes should be allowed in a span of 240 years. However, it seems that we now focus on our mistakes of the past and barely touch on the virtues that made this the great nation it is today. We have fought wars and added amendments to the Constitution in order to right our wrongs.

We better get our act together and remember what got us here in the first place. We were founded on a set of principles that are getting murkier in today’s populace, and our Founding Fathers recognized that our liberties come from God, not people. We must give our youths a patriotic foundation, teaching them about the goodness of America, or we are doomed. We can and should also teach them about our shortcomings, but our goodness far outweighs where we have fallen short. Kids need to learn the truth because they are going to get an earful of anti-American bashing in college.

Liberals, look in the mirror. Stop accusing conservatives of hate and bigotry. It is you who label people. It is you who encourage others to feel they are being treated unfairly. It is you who will not identify the common enemy and use the name, radical Islam. Incidentally, I bet if a crime was committed against you personally, you would want the name of the perpetrator. It is you who are willing to let anyone cross our borders without regard for our safety or financial burden. It is you who no longer thinks America should lead, but simply be just another member of the global community. It is you who tolerates Democratic politicians who lie or break moral or legal codes. It is you who compromises biblical teaching for votes.