Cummins recycling event plus for area

THE city’s recycling landscape has changed and grown in recent years. One way is the curbside recycling program offered by the city, which began in early 2015. Another is Cummins Inc.’s annual Community-Wide Recycling Day.

The sixth annual Cummins event, conducted June 23 at the Columbus Engine Plant parking lot, offers residents a chance to safely rid themselves of toxic items, such as paint and automotive tires that curbside service doesn’t take.

Community-Wide Recycling Day began as a company Environmental Challenge project and serves as a way to encourage residents to be better stewards of the environment. It is an event that recycling enthusiasts should consider circling on their calendars each year.

Based on this year’s turnout (1,023 vehicles drove through to donate) and the amount of waste collected, Columbus residents are embracing recycling as an important thing to so. Consider these collection facts:

50.27 tons of waste — just shy of last year’s record of 52 tons

39,626 pounds of electronic waste

20,000 pounds of old tires

10,040 pounds of paints and other flammables

6,610 pounds of metals

5,500 pounds of shredded confidential documents

4,122 pounds of used oil

2,400 pounds of paper/fiber

Cummins is to be commended for offering its assistance to residents in disposing of unwanted toxic items. That’s a big help in making sure the materials aren’t otherwise discarded in a manner that harms the environment.