Letter: Column on point for education issues

From: Pete Orlich


Doug Showalter may now step to the front of the class. His column in the Saturday edition of The Republic hit home for this former educator who has advocated an overhaul of our public education system for some time. True, C4 and a few other courses offer a venture into a more practical and fundamental area, but the rest lag behind. To join Doug in his summary of time-wasting courses, I would offer my own example that science and math courses were of no value to me, and that was 65 years ago. We’re still stuck in the same mudhole.

I was a somewhat vocal proponent of a beginning exposure to career education in the elementary schools during my career days. With the opportunity to build on that in middle school, the student would then be able to choose a curriculum, with counseling, that would provide direction for his future.

Enough from me. How about you, State Board of Education?