Around Town – July 29

Orchids to …

• Brent and Lindsay Devers and Josh Burnett for the awesome treat for the kids at the center.

• Myron Truex for helping a disabled person.

• my church family, Sixth Street General Baptist, to my Akin family and especially to my husband, Kenny, and friends Lois and Wanda, for my wonderful birthday surprise, from Judy Lee.

• Carol Bobb on your retirement after 47 years at Cummins, from Barb and Gordon Schnadinger, all your family, friends and coworkers at Cummins.

• all the generous people of Columbus I’ve witnessed “paying it forward” during my first three weeks working at a local food store, making me feel so proud of my fellow townspeople.

• the unidentified bicycle rider who stopped to help me control a stray dog.

• President Obama for his honesty, integrity and wisdom.

• Ruth Lynn for her compliments to the Columbus Police Department, from someone who has had five family members associated with law enforcement.

• Beth at Kroger for going the extra mile in finding the gloves I needed, from John Armstrong.

• the nice couple who gave me a gas can after mine was stolen.

• Officer Layman for coming at midnight to help me with my smoke alarm, from Emily Fowler.

• Silver Oaks Health Campus for allowing a caregiver a few months off.

• Dr. Matthew French for being kind and understanding, from a grateful patient.

• Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department for doing a good job getting my car back, from Irene Eastham.

Onions to …

• people who let a 10-year-old boy get on a riding lawn mower.

• the drug dealer in the downtown area who thinks she is above the law.

• the person or persons responsible for spending taxpayers’ money to prevent all county residents from accessing a privately owned parking lot. If tax dollars help pay for this, then all county residents should have access.

• people in Columbus who haven’t caught on yet that our economy and money flow are much different than they were in the 1960s and 1970s and we can’t sustain that extravagant way of life anymore.

• people not realizing that out of 515 successful businesses, losing four casinos to bankruptcy in 1991 is far better than the other political choice this November.

• the person in the neon green Mustang who thought it was much better to come over into my lane of traffic to go around a bicycle instead of waiting until the lane was clear.

• people who use calling hours at a funeral home to hit old friends and family up for money.

Happy Birthday to …

• Gayle Nay, from your family, old co-workers and Chris and Donna.

• Heather Weddle, from Grandma and Grandpa.

• Stacy Sweeney, from Catherine and Marty.

• Phyllis Mouser, from Jean Patrick.

• Eileen Helm from Brown’s Corner Chapel Church.

• Josh Yates from Mom, Jeremy, Austyn, Jessica and Kevin.

• Happy Belated Birthday to…

• Pat Richards, from Danny, Kelli, Rylee, Lexie and Kloey.

• Amber Griffin from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Connie and Mark Scott, on No. 27, from Allison, Matthew, Jordan, Kaye, Judy, Luna and Emma.

• Brian and Amy Niedbalski, from Mom N.

ANOTHER beautiful morning