Letter: Trump should rein in his temper, ego

From: Jon Templeman


I have followed Donald Trump over the years as he entertained us with his TV show. Over the past year, I have become obsessed with political podcasts and have followed his campaign closely. I watched every speech of both conventions so that I could hear both sides. I will say that I am very much against Hillary Clinton and would find it extremely challenging to vote for her. I agree with the polls that she is untrustworthy, but there is one thing she said during the Democratic National Convention that Trump has recently demonstrated to be accurate. He shows a complete lack of restraint.

This was none more apparent than when Mr. Khizr Khan spoke at the Democratic convention. Trump allowed this speech to snowball into a fiasco that is taking away from the important issues. I have a family member who is a staunch Republican and has always voted straight ticket. The family member has said that this is not simply because of being pro-Republican, but because of being anti-Democrat. This person now says they are likely voting for Clinton because of their concern that Trump is an “existential threat to our nation.”

Trump’s propensity to immediately take to Twitter to counter-punch anyone that attacks him is not what this country needs, despite what his ego or a small, yet vocal, following may lead him to believe. The president is not just the commander-in-chief, but also a diplomat, and Trump has shown a complete lack of diplomacy during this campaign.

The following statement, in my words, is what I would have hoped to see from someone that wants my vote and wants to be my president:

“I watched Mr. Khan’s speech during the DNC convention and wish to first say, with a heavy heart, how grateful I am for Mr. and Mrs. Khan having raised such a son like Capt. Humayun Khan that would willingly serve our great nation and sacrifice his life to protect his fellow soldiers and our country. I am terribly sorry for their loss, and I understand Mr. Khan’s anger that was directed towards my policy discussions over the past several months of banning Muslims to our country. It is because I value the lives that are being lost at the hands of radicals, whether on the streets of Iraq over a decade ago as in the case of Capt. Khan, or the growing incidents recently, both on our streets and abroad, that I even proposed such a drastic and temporary measure.

I appreciate Mr. Khan’s offer to receive his copy of the U.S. Constitution, but I have purchased my own copy and promise to read and continuously review the text as I attempt to come up with solutions to our growing threats.”

I hope Trump will rein in his temper and ego moving forward as the election nears; otherwise he will be the one hearing those words that made him so famous every Sunday night in his board room.