Around Town – August 17

Orchids to …

• the woman who found a young girl having a seizure on the side of the road, from a very grateful family.

• the person who found my tan umbrella in the Target ladies’ room Monday afternoon and turned it in.

• Joe Elliott of Bartholomew County Public Library for visiting our classrooms and sharing the wonderful stories about germs.

• Ronnie’s Body Shop for being so kind and professional with my van situation.

• the entire Hope Vet Clinic staff, especially Dr. Newton, Dr. Davidson, Sandy and both Janes, for the constant care and love you gave our lab, Bill, over the past 13 plus years, from Joe and Ann.

• Dick Mann of Thomas Electric for his excellent service call on Monday, from a disabled person.

• all the nurses for all their help in taking care of my needs, from Carl.

• Jim and Nancy Mahoney for serving a four-star fish fry for all the guests at the river house Sunday.

Onions to …

• people who don’t care when their trees drop large branches that dent and damage their neighbor’s car.

• the store that lectures you when you have multiple coupons to use and accuses you of making multiple copies.

• the city for getting involved in the housing industry by taking over houses, using taxpayer’s money to build container homes on the lots and then hoping to sell those homes.

• the homeowner’s association that misleads members and new homeowners.

• the person in the homeowner’s association who is childish, petty and completely non-objective in their enforcement of policies.

• the common thief who stole my green umbrella from the library that I purchased from San Francisco 20 years ago.

• doctors who get onto you for being late.

• the television service that goes out every time it rains even though I pay for premium television.

Happy Birthday to …

• Carol McCullough, from your family, traveling gals and Donna.

• Grace Hufty, from your family and Donna.

• Macey Foster and Sasha Burton, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Pastor Mark Hamell, from Browns Corner Chapel Church.

• Sawyer Shoaf, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Steve Wallace.

• Asa Allman.

• Gary Hill, from Elsie.

• Carvin Bode.

• Alicia Wood.

• Tessa Sims.

• Betty Sims.

• Lillian Finke.

• Michael Turner.

• Linda Henderson.

• Kira Wiedersatz.

• Greg Gregory.

• Dr. David Davison, from Chris Vicki and Bailey.

• Jim Ogilvie, from Mae and family.

• Tom Harman, from your wife, kids, daughter-in-law and first-born grandson.

• Bonnie Williams, from Charlotte, Betsy, Pauletta, Shirley, Donna and all your friends.

• Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Bob Weeks, from Dee and all your family and friends.

• Tyler Felts, from Dove Ministries.

• Chloe Gourley on No. 12, from Daddy, Ash, Gavin, Tucker, Madison and Sophia.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Shawn and Melissa McNealy, from friends at the Moravian Church.