Around Town – August 19

Orchids to …

• everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking with in Columbus, and for all their warmth, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, from John Cho.

• Cathy Anderson, BCSC telephone support staff, for always being on top of the district’s phones, your awesome attitude and for sharing your bagels Tuesday morning, from one of your BCSC fans.

• Dr. Nieters and his staff for all their help, from Sue Green.

• the young man who put my groceries in my car Wednesday at Kroger, from Della McGuire.

• my daughter Raquel for making shift manager at the Jay C Store at Westhill Shopping Center.

• the city garage for the nice new lid on my trash container, from a resident in the 1400 block of McClure Road.

• the young man who returned my ATM card to Centra after I left it in the machine, from Darlene.

Onions to …

• radio stations that preempt the programmed music for sports, as they should stream the games and leave the broadcast alone.

• those who don’t understand that car damage due to falling tree limbs is not their neighbor’s responsibility.

• Bartholomew County and Columbus for not celebrating Ag Week.

• the rude parent in the burgundy SUV that drove passed the entire line of cars at the elementary school to drop off their kindergartner and then blocked the path of those who had patiently waited.

• the overgrown tall bushes on Midway Street that are way out of control and dangerous to the safety of older people.

• hate groups we don’t need in Columbus.

• the store that sells rotten peaches.

• the person who drove their car onto the curb and hit my trash toter.

• the law enforcement vehicle that was speeding Wednesday afternoon on Third Street.

• the immature woman in the gray car who almost caused a big accident by her reckless driving.

• the restaurant that is in dire need of a remodel.

• people who owe friends money.

• people who don’t drive a common-sense speed in elementary school driveways.

• the local government member who spoke out against a former city leader over lack of higher wages, but will receive only a paltry 1.5 percent increase for next year.

• those who recommended five more liquor licenses to the city council.

• the owner of the yellow lab that is chained on a log chain, suffers from mange, is left outside in bad weather and is never loved on or appreciated — like he would be if given to a shelter for adoption.

• Columbus for constantly promoting the use of alcohol when we should be doing the opposite by teaching the disastrous consequences of the use of alcohol.

• The Republic for reporting arrests for local criminal drug activity then reporting and promoting yet another beer festival.

Happy Birthday to …

• Cindy Setser, from Pastor Carl and The OutReach.

• Kirsten Marie Raisor, on No. 13, from Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Don.

• Claire Brouse, on No. 5, from Dad, Mom, Noah, Papaw and Mamaw Bobo and all your family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Jerline “Jeri” Beavers, on No. 21, from Terry.

• Janice and Larry Grace, from Marsha.

Belated Wishes to …

• Patty and Paul Goodin, from the Huff family.