Court news – August 27

Bartholomew County Courthouse, pictured Monday, Aug. 24, 2015.

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

American Family Insurance Co. vs. Donella D. Morgan, California Street, $2,040.Devon Simmons vs. Valerie Simmons, Columbus, $2,526.

Keith Watson, South Ferguson Road, vs. CCI Roofing, Indianapolis, $700.

E.R. Gray & Associates vs. Michael Williams, Edinburgh, $736.46.

Ki Yun Ruf and/or Andrew Russell, 25th Street, vs. Daniel and Betty Eudy, Streamside Court, $1,499 and eviction; and Marcus and Katie Stepper, Brookside Court, $1,499 and eviction.

Grayson Management vs. Roxanna Gipson, Pearl Street, $1,057.45 and eviction.

Carol Alvarez, Indiana Avenue, vs. Jacquelyn T. Dold Henson and Michael A. Henson, North Hughes Street, complaint for eviction.

Ernie Stone, Washington Street, vs. Sven and Tara Bellersheim, East County Road 265N, $2,393 and eviction.

Homestead Mobile Home Park vs. Gamaliel Nambo and Veronica Diaz, Hawpatch Drive, $574 and eviction.

Thomas R. Crouch, Indiana Avenue, vs. Josh Streeval and Whitney Schrum, Indiana Avenue, complaint for eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Tiffany McCammon, Clifty Drive, $1,050 and eviction.

Bloomfield Apartments vs. Andrew Claycamp, Sims Court, $1,460.84 and eviction; Georgie A. Bruner, Sims Court, $1,820 and eviction; and Brandy J. Atwood, Sims Court, $1,514 and eviction.

Coriden Glover LLC vs. Maria Pita, Diane Drive, $681.

Allied Collection Service vs. Rebecca L. Beatty, Fairview Drive, $4,557.36; Robert C. Broderick, Hope, $3,879.06; Bryan J. Chapman, Westenedge Drive, $1,874.07; Robert J. Cox, Thresher Drive, $4,990.58; Dustin C. Griffith, North Marr Road, $3,477.42; Lauri M. Hendershot, Sycamore Street, $1,356.35; Tyler R. Hill, Coldstream Lane, $1,482.75; Kristina J. Huneycutt, Pearl Street, $2,512.37; Zachary Lewis, Hutchins Avenue, $4,883.69; Jeremy Lunsford, Kelli Drive, $1,467.62; Meredith E. Miller, Freetown, $3,258.42; and Kyle Seavers, South County Road 550W, $1,449.44.

Grayson Management vs. James E. and Katherine L. Douglas, Gilmore Street, $536 and eviction.

Elkland Hills Estate vs. Alice Miller, East County Road 265N, $500 and eviction.

DW3 Aaron’s vs. Heather Smith, Shelbyville, $1,500; Tom Burton, Nineveh, $1,500; Justin Hammon, North Vernon, $1,500; Anna Williamson, Vance Street, $1,500; David Harvey, Cottage Avenue, $1,500; and Riley Shoultz, Chestnut Street, $1,500.

Equity Property Management vs. Rikki Cox and Manuel Garcia, Ruddick Avenue, $775 and eviction; and Shelby Johns and Cody Wilson, South Country Brook Court, $1,054.05 and eviction.

Susie Wallace, Edinburgh, vs. Courtney McNabb, Edinburgh, $255 and eviction; Kelli Adams, Edinburgh, $1,360 and eviction; and Renea and Stephen Rice, Lakestream Drive, $831 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Jenna Berry, Reo Street, $5,098.58; Shakara Corya, State Road 46W, $1,740.06; Kelly Dawn England, Apache Court, $2,357.67; Richard D. Frazee, East County Road 120S, $1,580.26; Sherri Hanna, North Gladstone Avenue, $3,625; Jon V. Herche, Elizabethtown, $1,291.71; Raymond J. Brown, Cottage Avenue, $5,293.25; Phillip Capps, Indiana Avenue, $1,635.50; Pamela B. Gilley, Coovert Street, $4,091.39; Carrie Hendrix, East Coffey Drive, $2,047.79; Julie Jordan, 31st Street, $5,947.23; and David R. Miller, North Gladstone Avenue, $1,435.56.

Allied Collection Service vs. Catherine Clark, Flat Rock, $1,655.50; Kenneth Denormandie, Washington Street, $2,810; Brandon L. Eaton, Sycamore Drive, $4,930.13; Eric R. Emery, Versailles, $1,503.97; Jennifer L. England, Bonesteel Drive, $2,421.07; Hervey Gary III, South Mapleton Street, $3,645.78; James A. Hamm, Morgantown, $3,638.10; Beranda J. Hassan-Brand, South County Road 100W, $1,907.54; Neil Hughes, 12th Street, $1,364.40; Matthew S. Latante, North Lincoln Village Drive, $1,652.90; Mikel S. Lee, Nashville, $4,388.73; Sherie J. Lopes, Nashville, $2,227.99; Kyle S. Marchuk, Nineveh, $3,686.43; and Kelly J. Parker, Smoketree Drive, $1,207.55.

Ortho Indy vs. Nathan Hibner, East 25th Street, $262.31; and Michael L. Moore, Wallace Avenue, $345.65.

Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital vs. Angela D. Mings, Timbercrest Drive, $601.43.

Cavalry SPV vs. Regina W. Bowen, Autumn Ridge Drive, $2,087.72.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Joselyne Rivera, Nicholas Lane, $785.95.

Quail Run Apartments vs. Kristi Miller, Erin Drive, complaint for damages and eviction; and George Ferree, Saylor Drive, complaint for damages and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Avanda A. Arnold, Jolene Drive, $2,726.43; Jason W. Brown, West Spray Road, $2,783.34; Maria A. Burton, Pearl Street, $5,677.66; Troy and Holly Cowan, Locust Drive, $1,845.14; Melissa Dominguez, Wiliamsburg Court, $1,541.85; James Gabbard, Westport, $2,853.71; Rosalina C. Juarez, Mapleton Street, $5,541.33; Kristen Reuter-Horn, Deerfield Place, $2,005.59; Bobby Hornback, Elizabethtown, $3,809.50; Trina S. Jones, North Ross Street, $5,401.81; Gary Lawson, Karen Court, $3,610.30; Benjamin V. Meyers, Jonathan Ridge, $1,334.21; Deborah K. Minniefield, Timbercrest Drive, $5,066.44; and Genaro Ortiz, Joseph Cox Court, $1,805.90.

Arbors at Water’s Edge Apartments vs. Abraham Dooley and Amanda Strong, North County Road 150W, $1,849.36 and eviction.

Denitta Newsom, Middletown, Ohio, vs. Andra Baker, Grammer, $2,550 and eviction.

Scott Strietelmeier, 25th Street, vs. Angel Roe, California Street, $500 and eviction.

Grayson Management vs. Terri Burns, Beam Road, $880 and eviction.

State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co. vs. Colleen Kiefer, East County Road 550S, $2,293.87.

MSW Capital vs. Mark Blake, U.S. 31S, $1,192.80.

Wexford of Taylorsville Apartments vs. Michael and Marcella Burton, Wexford Court, $1,102 and eviction.

Tony and Vijay Narsinghani, Lapwing Drive, vs. Brian McKinney, Sycamore Drive, complaint for eviction.

Honda Federal Credit Union vs. Deborah L. Wirth, Clover Street, $1,115.26.

Fye Rentals, Lafayette Avenue, vs. Jennifer Wright, Chestnut Street, $1,500 and eviction; and Geneva Coleman, Chestnut Street, $1,500 and eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Rhonda Galbraith, California Street, $600 and eviction.

American Rental, Eastbrook Plaza, vs. Robert and Susan Young, Chestnut Street, $1,500; Matt Shera and Shelby Wilson, Pavia Court, $1,500; and Lena and Allan R. Petro, Scipio, $1,500.

Dissolutions of Marriage filed

Courtney Marcum, Bartholomew County, vs. John Marcum, Central Avenue, married Oct. 19, 2002, separated July 7, 2016, two children.Viridiana Hernandez, Bartholomew County, vs. Jonathan G. Lopez, Bartholomew County, married June 4, 2004, separated Oct. 20, 2009, two children.

Nicolas Chavez, Bartholomew County, vs. Blanca A. Chavez, Bartholomew County, married July 7, 2000, separated Sept. 20, 2013, two children.

Annie Marline Poe, Columbus, vs. Richard D. Poe, Detroit, married March 1, 2006, separated July 4, 2007.

Brittney S. Siegman, East Vernon Street, vs. Brian T. Siegman, Wrenwood Drive, married Aug. 27, 2005, separated May 16, 2016.

Brittany Rochelle Fear, Maple Street, vs. Kayla Ann Butler, Pascagoula, Mississippi, married June 27, 2014, separated September 2015.

Calli Johnson, South County Road 725W, vs. Nathan Johnson, Bartholomew County, married May 23, 2009, no separation date available, two children.