Around Town – September 18

Orchids to …

• Reema at CVS for always remembering who I am and always being friendly, respectful and professional.

• Trent Wirth for your kindness and moral support on Thursday, from a friend.

• Travis from Animal Control for his help with the cat rescue from a local industry.

• United Way for helping get some bathroom equipment for me after my knee replacement.

• Jackie Combest for an awesome supper and bluegrass music jamboree Saturday.

• the crew who did a good job on Taylor Road, from an every-day Taylor Road driver.

• David and Wilma Leonard for their awesome volunteering at Columbus General Baptist Church.

• Glen Poynter of Lowell General Baptist Church for an awesome service.

• the beautiful men and women who worked hard at the memorial workshop.

Happy Birthday to …

• Bob Baierlein, from Jenny, Fred, Sereta and Janet.

• Nancy Conner from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Larry Thayer

• Rachael Thayer

• Beckie Miller from Nana and your family.

• Braxton Knowland, from Mom, Dad, and your family.

• Al Scheller on No. 85, from Dinny.

Happy Belated Birthday to

• Elizabeth Lane Haynes, from your mom and brother, Scott.