Letter: Look at differences between Trump, Lincoln

From: Robert Campbell


Here’s the tale of two Republican presidential candidates.

Abraham Lincoln:

  • Republican nominee in 1860.
  • Born in a log cabin and self-taught by extensive reading.
  • Became a lawyer.
  • Served as a state legislator, city representative and congressman.
  • Volunteered in state militia.
  • Faithfully married once.
  • Known as “Honest Abe.”
  • Filed personal bankruptcy and paid creditors over 17 years.
  • Greatest achievement — preserving the union.
  • Stated a house divided against itself cannot stand.
  • Leadership principles: honesty and integrity.
  • Courage to handle criticism.
  • Built allies and close relationships.
  • Saved the union and considered one of our best presidents.

Donald Trump:

  • Republican nominee in 2016.
  • Sent to private schools.
  • Took over his father’s multi-million dollar company.
  • No political experience as of age 70.
  • Avoided the draft with five deferments.
  • Numerous affairs and three marriages.
  • Lies and exaggerates.
  • Six corporate bankruptcies and creditors often did not get paid.
  • Greatest achievement — preserving and enhancing his wealth.
  • Apparently enjoys division.
  • Leadership principles: deceit and lawsuits.
  • Cannot tolerate criticism.
  • Divides and conquers.
  • The American people have to figure out Trump’s legacy. Perhaps a little history might help.