Letter: Officer’s interaction at expo impresses resident

From: Larry Jackman


Ethnic Expo is a fun and pleasing celebration in the community. As my wife and I walked the midway trying to decide where to create a food overload, I watched a city police officer on foot patrol. What was remarkable was the sincere and personal relationship he was having with individuals in the crowded pathway. He talked to many people. He stopped to hug a man with whom he had an apparent friendship. He took a couple of steps and fist-bumped with a lady.

Every few steps, he was expressing personal warmth toward another person. I am quite sure he could do his job as an officer, but I am also sure that the job of every officer is made a bit easier by the community relationships that this man was nurturing.

Thanks to him, to the men and women he works with and to all of us he works for. I did not see his name tag and perhaps that is good. He could be anyone on the force. Thanks again.