Letter: Send Young to Washington as U.S. senator

From: Steve Eldridge


I am a resident of the 9th Congressional District in Indiana served by Todd Young for the past few years. I have had the opportunity to speak with and listen to Todd on a few occasions. Indiana will do itself and America a great favor by sending him back to Washington, this time as our senator. He is a person of great integrity who has a common-sense approach to the numerous issues that our nation faces.

We need someone who will stand up with pride for our nation and a servant’s attitude to counter the failed policies of the current administration and be a strong leading voice in our future. Todd has proven throughout his life his desire to serve and has demonstrated the leadership qualities that are sorely lacking in much of Washington today. His opponent failed to stand up for our values previously and abandoned Indiana as his state of residence after his stint as senator.

Your vote for Todd will be a vote for the values and ideas that Hoosiers stand for and America needs. I ask you to carefully consider your future and the futures of our children because, when you do so, you also will want Todd Young as our senator.